Sunday, February 13, 2011

An offer rolls in

So it looks like I'll be in Germany this summer and into the fall. I'll be working for a large firm there and studying abroad in the fall. Getting the job at the firm was a pretty big shock. They have offices all over and hopefully this will lead to something after graduation. Even if I don't end up working for this having the name on my resume will certainly help. This has reinvigorated me about this whole school thing. :D I was certainly starting to feel a bit down about the job situation and whether or not I was putting my family through unnecessary stress for no reason.

I'm a little worried about leaving Z for long periods of time, but that's going to be the way it is. She wakes up between 6 and 7 and goes to bed at 9 or 10. If I'm working the usual hours then I might not be getting home until 8 or 9 meaning I'm only going to be seeing her a couple hours a day. We're trying to convince my grandmother to come over and stay with me for at least half the time I'll be there. Liam will come over for a couple of weeks and then we'll be able to find a babysitter. Once I'm in school there, she can enroll in the university daycare. I still can't believe that I'm more than halfway through school. Next year feels like it is going to fly by. This semester I only have 2 finals, and 2 papers to get through. This feels doable, now I must finish the second draft of my paper, T-48 hours and counting!


  1. I am uber jealous (see what I did there?) You are pretty amazing to do all the traveling you do with that baby! We've often talked about how we'd love to live in Germany . . . I think you're going to enjoy your time there! Do you speak German at all?

    Good for you! Great news.

  2. Thanks! I speak some German, took it for 8 years! You would think I would be better at it though. I'm looking forward to getting my German back. I'm only able to do it with a lot of help from friends and fam.

  3. wow... sounds exciting! It might seem like a bit of a drag but probably too good an opportunity to pass up! :-)

  4. great news! Congratulations! Looking forward to posts about the clerkship