Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Z is just fine now. The doctor thinks maybe it was allergies, but I'm just glad it was nothing serious. First scary illness-related parenting experience averted. A little children's benadryl and she's right as rain. I'm just glad she kept her sunny disposition through it all. At least I'll be able to tell when something is really wrong once that goes away.

As the semester is starting to wind down, I can't believe how much has been going on. I'm certainly looking forward to a great first Easter with Z. We already have her dress and bows for her hair picked out. It's going to make for some great pictures. Liam can't wait to see us both and we can't wait to see him. Thank goodness for skype. He certainly doesn't get to see us as much as we would like even with skype. Babies and sitting in front of a computer for more than 10 mins really doesn't work very well. Right now, between preparing for exams and my internship I'm trying to get ready for the summer. I'm a little nervous about working at a big firm, in a big office, in a different country, but I guess that was the plan all along anyway. Apartment hunting, daycare/childcare hunting are not that easy from abroad.

Back to the trenches or I might just take a snooze. Decisions, Decisions!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

And now she is sick

Dealing with my first bout of kiddie sickness. Z is sick. :( Coughing and a stuffy nose. Thank goodness for nasal aspirators! She has been dealing with it ok, but we are going to the doctor tomorrow. The health insurance hasn't come through yet, so it will be coming out of pocket. I'm hoping it isn't too damaging.

Prior to the sickness, I spent my first night away from Z. I had a class schedule change that required me to be on campus until late, so I just stayed there. It was weird. I missed her and woke up about 5 times during the night looking for her. I did capitalize on my time away and had a few margaritas out at dinner with a friend. That was nice, to not have to keep track of my drinking times to figure out when I'm no longer all full of booze! Not that I have had more than a couple of glasses of wine in the past year.

The semester is getting closer to the end and while I'm overwhelmed at least I'm not behind. So far I have been keeping up and I am still ahead in most of my classes. I just need to keep it together for 6 more weeks and then I can put this whole ridiculous semester behind me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dealing with Stress and other Sucky Things

I've been incommunicado for a bit and will probably not be posting as much for a bit. Things were going swimmingly, but now the crazy has started. Between almost every babysitter I have tried to arrange, having someone in their family pass away, getting unbelievably sick, getting the other babysitting alternatives to the alternative sick, I'm pretty much batting 1000 when it comes to focusing on my school work. As I said before, I should have taken this semester off. I might just resort to sitting outside of the classroom with Z. Not sure how great things will turn out, but at least she hasn't gotten any of the sick that has been floating around and neither have I, knock on wood. The travel that I thought wouldn't be such a big deal is really sucking. I can spend 4 hours each way to only go to class for 3 hours. Those days are no fun because I only get to see Z for an hour or so and that time is spent trying to get her to sleep.

It is unfortunate that I am having such a hard time getting to school because this appears to be one of my most interesting semesters. I'm praying that my GPA won't go down, I'll make it through without crying too many times and I'll be one year closer to my puffy graduation hat.

Edit: I haven't been able to arrange for daycare of any sort because Liam and I are still sorting out healthcare/insurance issues. And without a doctor's visit and records from a U.S. doctor there is no shot of getting Z enrolled in daycare. Also, they won't take her for only 3 days and need more than a 2 month commitment. Doesn't help me at all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jet Lag Like a MoFo

At least Z seems to be adjusting quite well by now. We have been back for a few days and she is finally back on some type of schedule. We had a 10 hour night last night and I was so thankful. I didn't even put her to sleep. My mother had to do it while I went down for a "nap" at 7. I was so tired after seeing Battle: Los Angeles with my sister that I could barely see straight when driving back to her house. Needing to stand throughout the entire movie by the exit didn't help my fatigue. At least she was quite and I got to see the movie, so I can't complain too much.

I finally broke down and asked my mom to hold her for a bit while I napped, so I didn't just keel over. She went to sleep at about 7:30 or so, I vaguely remember Z being brought into the room and she didn't wake until 1:30am and then was back to sleep after a quick snack until 6am! It was great for me. I even had some time from about 4-6am to do a little reading for class.

I'm actually almost done with the reading I have for this semester because some of my profs still haven't given out all of the reading assignments. It's a bit annoying as I feel like I could be more productive and get ahead, but there are worse things that could happen. All in all the semester is shaping up a lot better than I thought it would and my freak out earlier in the semester about wishing I had taken time off is wearing off. Sleep can really change a person's tune. I will never take a good night's rest for granted again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Well that sucks

I just received an email from my professor of the big paper class asking me when I'm going to turn in my paper. When!!!???!!! I turned it in over 2 weeks ago to the registrar. I quickly emailed back and let me know that and sent the confirmation from the registrar that I turned it in. Talk about a lose your breath moment! This paper was huge and the grade is due in any moment now. For the past week or so, I have been obsessively checking for the grade and now I know why it's been taking so long. It also introduces that fear all over again. The fear that the paper I turned in will make the professor laugh about how they can't believe I could write something so stupid and insipid and they are recommending to the dean that I be kicked out of school. Or something along those lines. Talk about anxiety. At least I had all of my bases covered as far as turning in the paper. I had a confirmation and the time stamp on the paper correlates to the one for when I last accessed the exam. Now the waiting begins all over again. It could be worse.

Building a Budget

One of the hardest things about being in law school is the severe lack of funds. Thankfully, I'm only taking out loans for tuition. My lovely husband has, of course, agreed to support me while I'm in school. Even now a little over a year and a half in, it's really hard to deal with not bringing in any money. I've had a job since I was 16. I had 2 jobs for a large part of my time in college. I guess it's not so bad to have a bit of time off from a real job because I'll have more than enough time to work for the next 40 years of my life.

But, the inability to contribute is no fun at all, especially when we are trying to not completely devour Liam's paycheck every month. The savings fund is still being added to monthly, albeit in much tinier contributions, so we're not as bad off as we could be. I think that's the biggest blow for me. I always had a large chunk of change in savings. When I was growing up my family had to buy me gift certificates because they knew if I was given money I would just save it. I can't wait to start working, just so we can really start saving. At times I think my obsession with budgets, cash flow, and coupons is a bit unhealthy. Then again, there are worse obsessions to have like TIGERBLOOD!