Sunday, March 27, 2011

And now she is sick

Dealing with my first bout of kiddie sickness. Z is sick. :( Coughing and a stuffy nose. Thank goodness for nasal aspirators! She has been dealing with it ok, but we are going to the doctor tomorrow. The health insurance hasn't come through yet, so it will be coming out of pocket. I'm hoping it isn't too damaging.

Prior to the sickness, I spent my first night away from Z. I had a class schedule change that required me to be on campus until late, so I just stayed there. It was weird. I missed her and woke up about 5 times during the night looking for her. I did capitalize on my time away and had a few margaritas out at dinner with a friend. That was nice, to not have to keep track of my drinking times to figure out when I'm no longer all full of booze! Not that I have had more than a couple of glasses of wine in the past year.

The semester is getting closer to the end and while I'm overwhelmed at least I'm not behind. So far I have been keeping up and I am still ahead in most of my classes. I just need to keep it together for 6 more weeks and then I can put this whole ridiculous semester behind me.

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