Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dealing with Stress and other Sucky Things

I've been incommunicado for a bit and will probably not be posting as much for a bit. Things were going swimmingly, but now the crazy has started. Between almost every babysitter I have tried to arrange, having someone in their family pass away, getting unbelievably sick, getting the other babysitting alternatives to the alternative sick, I'm pretty much batting 1000 when it comes to focusing on my school work. As I said before, I should have taken this semester off. I might just resort to sitting outside of the classroom with Z. Not sure how great things will turn out, but at least she hasn't gotten any of the sick that has been floating around and neither have I, knock on wood. The travel that I thought wouldn't be such a big deal is really sucking. I can spend 4 hours each way to only go to class for 3 hours. Those days are no fun because I only get to see Z for an hour or so and that time is spent trying to get her to sleep.

It is unfortunate that I am having such a hard time getting to school because this appears to be one of my most interesting semesters. I'm praying that my GPA won't go down, I'll make it through without crying too many times and I'll be one year closer to my puffy graduation hat.

Edit: I haven't been able to arrange for daycare of any sort because Liam and I are still sorting out healthcare/insurance issues. And without a doctor's visit and records from a U.S. doctor there is no shot of getting Z enrolled in daycare. Also, they won't take her for only 3 days and need more than a 2 month commitment. Doesn't help me at all.

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