Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 weeks of seperation

That is the longest our little family unit will ever be separated from now until graduation! Ten weeks is the longest we have had to be apart and 2 weeks the shorted. Ten weeks sucks big time, but we won't have to do it anymore. The general amount of time apart is at 3 weeks-3.5 weeks and after 2 years that seems a hell of a lot more manageable. I actually took out a little extra in loans to help pay for flights. It's a bit harder with a baby now. For flights over 7 hours she needs her own seat. And the "child's discount" on airfare is a joke. So Z is going to have tons of travel experience and hopefully become an awesome traveler/flyer so I don't go insane on the planes. We fly tonight and are going to visit Liam in Ireland. We're so excited and I can't wait. I wish most international flights weren't at night. It's taking so long to get there!

Liam and his dad are flying in together just an hour before Z and I arrive. They have the same connection in Adu Dhabi. His father is coming back from a golfing holiday with Liam's friends in Thailand. There was a set of older gents (60+), regular gents (40s) and the youngins (30-40). I can't wait to hear all the stories, but Liam has already said that he told the boys not to tell him about the trip b/c he would tell me b/c he can't keep anything from me. I think it's all a rouse and I'll get all the juicy details out of him!

Finals are right around the corner. I only have 2, which is so nice. I just have 2 short papers to complete and then I'm DONE! Well until summer classes begin...should be interesting to say the least. I'm looking forward to the tax class because I actually liked my Tax course last semester. It will help take the pressure off of me next school year, which is much appreciated. Registration is also happening. I always loved when the course schedule was released in undergrad, it's just a fun now! I'm looking to have all of my classes one day/wk in the fall. I will have class from 9am-10pm, but I only have to do it 11 times. I'm looking forward to it! Then there is only one semester to go. It's all so close...

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