Monday, May 16, 2011

2L Over

If you couldn't tell by the fact that I left the country (although not always an indicator that I don't have class) 2L is finished. I couldn't even begin to compare 1L and 2L so I won't even try. But I guess this is the time of year where everyone does their school year wrap up, so here it goes.
  • Completed Fall semester pregnant, delivered a baby and took all my exams with only a slight delay
  • Participated in zero extracurricular events
  • Completed Spring semester with an infant, while traveling 3 hrs to and from school (thank god for awesome family members for babysitting)
  • Managed to secure a summer job (not in the location where I want to be after graduation, but you can't win always get what you want)
I can't say that my academic life has been that amazing. I've just been getting it done. Papers, exams, whatever else, just get it done has been my mantra. There's been no time for lollygagging or other pussyfooting around. I would much rather spend my time baby talking with Z than sitting at my computer and not getting work done. I'm still on schedule to graduate on time and I'm at least a little amazed. Looking back I'm glad I didn't take this semester off. I am only saying that now because it's over and the thought of not graduating until 2013 would make me want to cry. With only 26 credits left and more control over my schedule I should be able to have a much more smooth sailing 3L. I am certainly looking forward to it!


  1. congratulations on doing all this. i'm in law school and am single with no kids and i am barely surviving.

  2. Congrats to you too! You adapt to what you have to work with that's all!