Sunday, May 29, 2011

Allll Byyyyyy Myyyyyyyseeeeelllllfff...

so I'm all by myself working at my summer job. Thankfully work is interesting, people seem to actually be coming to me with projects they need my help on, and I'm not making a complete and total fool of myself.

Everyone in the office has been super nice. They keep thinking of projects to give me that are manageable, at least they seem that way and are pretty surprised when I give them to them within the day. I keep thinking maybe I should slow it down and not crank things out so fast. And this isn't just me spitting things out, I'm double, triple and sometimes quadrupling checking what I'm turning in. I have to say thank god for my legal research class. Not being able to use Lexis or Westlaw really sucks. I'm sure the office has accounts, but if I can find the info without using them I'm certainly going to use them. Google Books, Google Scholar and the office library have been so helpful. I'm also really happy to report that things I have been studying are actually coming in handy.

I have my own office with my name on the door and everything. Most people are out of the office before 6:30 and I usually stay until 6. I've been invited to work in at least 3 practice areas, so far. Litigation, real estate and corporate have has tasks for me to complete. Each one was interesting in their own right, so I can't really say there is one I would prefer over the other. But litigation does come with an awesome weekly lunch!

I'm still in a hotel right now and will finally get to move into my apartment on the 1st. I'm excited to have my own space even if it's only until July. I did absolutely nothing this weekend and loved it. I just wandered around the hotel, found a couple of restaurants and cafes nearby to eat at and read books for fun. Appreciating this time away is something I'm willing myself to do, so I won't get caught up in wallowing about not being with Z and Liam. While I haven't done much exploring of the city I have been searching high and low to find a store that sells AA batteries. I thought they would last longer in my breast pump, but alas they are dying every 1.5 days. 8 AA batteries every 1.5 days, not fun to lug around. I ordered an EU plug transformer for my pump and it should arrive soon. I also bought a hand pump, but that worked about as well as willing myself to express.

Can't wait for the next work week to begin and get in there. At least having a good work experience will make the weeks go faster.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the summer job and that it is keeping you busy! Hopefully the time will pass quickly for you.