Saturday, May 21, 2011

Leaving them behind

No, this is not about the rapture...

I'm going to be away from Z for 8 weeks. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It will only be for 46 days factoring in the week they are coming to visit me. This transition week has been particularly hard because I have been giving Liam a chance to primary parent. He has been doing many feedings, getting up at night, and I've kind of been trying to keep my distance to help the transition be a bit smoother. I worry most about the consistency interruption. Although she has been away from Liam for a month here or there, I've been the constant. Now, I'll be gone. Hoping to not breakdown into tears at the airport...


  1. i'm going through this myself right now. 8 weeks from the kids. It's been some good and some bad. Trying to embrace the good things of it (movies in the theater, sleeping the whole night through) and not cry too much. :( Wishing you luck.

  2. I'll certainly try not to cry too much and make this SA position worth as much as I can. I'll be in the office at all hours and do whatever's needed to get something great out of this. Glad to know there is someone else making it through.