Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work is getting good

Work has been good so far. I'm actually getting some interesting work researching topics I have, thankfully, studied a little bit about. Everyone in the office is super nice and has been trying to include me as much as possible. I have lunch meeting one practice area a week and who doesn't like a free lunch. I am also getting to flex my native English speaker skills by helping with translations. So far so good. Best part about the office...foosball table! I haven't played it yet because it is almost always occupied. There are over 100 lawyers in the building, so that makes sense. Now if I could only figure out the coffee/cappuccino machine.

The hotel I'm staying in is tiny, but it's a clean room and enough space for just me. I'm actually a little bit sad for when I move into the apartment. This hotel is about 6 minutes from work...at a slow stroll. The apartment is a 25 minute walk, which still isn't bad, but a quite run back and forth will be missed. Other than that I'm enjoying my Slingbox and can't wait to watch this week of Oprah's final shows. Now I just have to wait for my summer shows to begin and then the Slingbox will be worth its weight in gold! True Blood, SYTYCD, Separated at Birth (a new and yet unproven show, but looking forward to it)!

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