Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Husband aka Mr. Incredible

This was a nickname given to Liam by my little brother and sister after meeting him for the first time. They thought he looked like Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Back then I knew the title was true, but now I know it even more. Liam has been taking care of Z for the past 3 weeks, almost a month now. I know a lot of the time we talk about how we want our husbands to be true partners and take an active role and all of that, but the women are generally still the primary caregivers, we're the ones that get deferred to and checked with on a lot of issues when it comes to kids.

To say the past 3 weeks have been weird would be an understatement. I never realized how much it would affect me, how much being the person to check with was important to me. It's hard to bite my lounge when we're on skype and I see him doing things differently than I might do them. I have to keep reminding myself, he's not doing it wrong, he's just doing it differently. While this time away has been so hard for me, I am very happy at how confident Liam has become in his parenting. Before whenever I was there and she would start crying, he would give it a try for a while and then hand her over. He was really afraid she wouldn't drink her bottles or let him put her to sleep, but now, he can get her to pass out in about 5 minutes, change diapers in a flash and pick out the cutest outfits for her. I often ask him about what it's like to be a single dad. His one constant reply is tiring. If it does nothing else other than show him how tough it can be to wrangle an infant, then this summer job was totally worth it.

And to say that people are amazed at what he is doing would be an understatement. In addition to the fact that many fathers in that part of the world don't really take an active role in the lives of their children, particularly their female children, means he's a rarity. All of the women ohh and ahh over his abilities to hold her in one hand and pack up the car or calm her while grocery shopping. I can only imagine what they think of me, but they think he is just the bees knees and the best husband ever. I, of course, already knew he was the best husband, but this has certainly proved it. He will be approaching the final frontier of solo parenting, a plane trip, when they come to visit ME!!

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