Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another hospital trip; Only Liam is left,

Because now Z and I have both been to the hospital this summer! I have never, never, never felt as bad as I did beginning at 1am Friday morning. This includes childbirth where you at least get a reprieve between contractions and know that a beautiful little baby waits at the end. Liam, Z and I went to dinner on Thurs evening. We ate the same food. Later after Z went to bed, we both had a couple of drinks in the hotel. I had 2 rum and cokes and he had a couple of beers. Our night ended at about 10pm. Nothing too crazy, just a quiet night in. At about 1 am I woke up feeling blah, nauseous blah. Near 2am Liam suggested a nice little sip of seltzer water and the fireworks began. And the best part of all of this was that we had a flight to catch at 12pm on Friday.

So I'm shaking, crying and laying on the bathroom floor hoping that getting whatever it is out of my system will make me feel better. It didn't. We didn't have travel insurance, so I knew if we didn't get on the flight today, we would be out a couple of grand, Liam and Z would have to head home anyway and it just wouldn't be good. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to hold myself together for most of the flight, only puking twice in line while checking in. I slept through most of the flights and I have to say Liam was a GODSEND. I mean, I know that he has been doing all of this stuff on his own, but he was up with me during the night and so tired, but he took not only baby duty, but luggage duty and making sure I didn't walk into a wall duty.

We finally got home at 2am, had a friend come over and we went straight to the hospital. I got 3 IV bags of who knows what, went to sleep, woke up feeling much better and headed home. Here is my issue. I am supposed to fly back to work tonight, less than 24 hours after leaving the hospital. If I don't fly tonight, barring Turkish Airlines being amazing and letting me change the flight we are out over $900 for the new flight. So what do I do? I told work I would be in for Monday. As of today I have 3 weeks left at work. I just really can't see myself getting on a plane tonight. I also don't want to have to spend $800 on another flight.

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  1. Yikes. Hoping you are doing better and find a resolution!