Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to the Hospital

I'll preface this with, Z is fine.

I would have to say that the only thing worse than calling Liam when we normally talk and not getting an answer is calling when we normally talk, have him answer the phone, hear Z screaming bloody murder, hear hospital sounds going on, and not get any response when I scream hello over and over. After a call from the daycare that she was acting a bit weird, had a fever and diarrhea Liam had to take a trip to the Pediatric Emergency Clinic in town. He answered my call in the middle of her blood draw because in his mind not answering would make me worry. I have since conveyed that if there is the possibility of me being sad I can't talk to them at our usual time and wondering what they might be doing at the grocery store and me LOSING MY SHIT over an answered call where I can hear her screaming and no one is responding to me over the phone, I'll take the unanswered phone call.

The visit was quite simple according to Liam. She was seen by a doctor within 5 minutes, no paperwork to fill out because thankfully there is an integrated national medical database where you just give them your phone number and it pulls up all of the info no matter what hospital or doctor's office you have been to. So her entire history was there for them to look over. There were blood and urine samples taken and tests run after about 30 min. Everything came back fine, but she might have the beginnings of an ear infection, the very beginning, so they gave Liam some drugs and he was on his way. During all of this time, I was pretty much freaking out because I had no idea what was going on. I called his phone back about 10 times before he finally picked up and told me what was going on.

I think it's teething and I'm praying it's teething. All of those sunshiney feelings from my earlier post about Z bonding with her dad and giving him time to be the primary parent pretty much go out of the window when there is a real problem. I want both of us to be there. And I'm looking up flights as we speak just in case they can come visit me at the end of this week because I'm not going anymore time than I have to without seeing them!

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  1. Poor Z and poor you! That had to have been terrifying!