Friday, June 10, 2011

Work week over

I'm finished with my work conference and need to explore this new city. I found an awesome apartment through airbnb, which is so great. I love that they have verified photos of the apartments, so you know they are legit. Everyone has given me about 15 places I NEED to see, but what I really want to do is go to the English language movie theater and watch a triple feature. The luxury of watching a movie without sprinting out of the theater at the slightest peep from Z or standing in the side hallway out of eye sight, but able to see part of the screen. I will go see some of the sights, but I really want to sit in the theater and relax. I also think they serve booze there. SCORE!!

The work conference was nice, lunches were delicious and the dinner was so great. I only wish they hadn't had me order first, so I would have know everyone was ordering appetizers! Their shrimp all looked like they would melt in your mouth. I was happy that I managed to keep it to no more than 5 glasses of wine and left when I started to fall asleep at the table. Midnight is way way way past my bedtime. Well, it's more like my second possible bedtime if Z is a little cranky. I get to see my husband and baby in less than a week and the thought of it is making me a bit crazy! I need to put it out of my mind, so I don't get too excited.

Getting through the summer and wishing I was with the fam, but this is best from a work perspective. I must make sure it's worth it and I will!

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