Monday, July 18, 2011

And I'm Back

Wrapping things up took a bit longer than I thought. The last week of work was crazy including a few dinners that went well past midnight and I was freaking leaving early! They certainly know how to rip it up. We had our little going away party for me, the sweet treats were quite yummy. The office was really good to me. As much as I hated being away from the family, working at the Firm was really good for me. I was so nervous last summer that I feel like I didn't make the best impression. This time around I was more comfortable, had tasks that were my own and worked on things where people actually seemed to need my help. The recommendation I got was also killer. It will come in handy when I'm having my meetings later this summer. Locking this down now is something that would make 3L a lot more bearable.

After leaving work, it was back to the apartment building of puke (oh weekend fun), broken beer bottles, and general rundown-ness. Moving out took a bit of eye lash batting at the on duty supervisor to give me my deposit back out of his own pocket because the safe was closed on the weekend. So I gave him the receipt and we checked out my place to make sure I hadn't smeared poo on the walls or something and was on my merry way. Just walking back into that airport started to make the bile in my stomach churn. At least it wasn't like my last trip there. It was a completely uncomplicated, easy trip. Hung out in the lounge (thank you frequent flier card), ate some food, got on the long flight back home.

I was out of the airport and into a cab in record time. It was like the travel gods knew that I really needed to get home. My bags were in a cab and I was on my way in less than 30 min! I got in and apparently Zig was having a fussy night, so Liam was just putting her to sleep on the recliner. I have to admit, it might make me a bad mom, but I totally picked her up, started squeezing her and kissing her, definitely waking her up, but I couldn't resist. At first she looked at my like I was a crazy person, until a big smile was plastered on her face. Can't say I wasn't at least a little worried at being recognized.

Now a routine has sort of started. She's still in daycare, until our month runs out this week. Then she'll stay in 3 days/wk. I still have a class to finish/final to take and I would like to get a little work done on some research projects before I get slammed in the fall. She's got her little daycare friends and I almost feel guilty taking her out for 2 days a week. I mean she is literally trying to jump out of her car seat and onto the play mats with all of her little buddies. She is one of the more mobile ones, so she uses her mad skillz to go get toys for all of the other kids. Such a little sweetie!

While she is at school, I will be working around the house on academic and non-academic endeavors. Laundry, straightening stuff up, dishes, cooking, maybe even a little working out will be in order. And I'll also be taking every opportunity I can to relax. I got my classes for the fall. Thanks to my amazing planning, I only have class for 1 day a week. It will be brutal from 9am-10pm. What adds to that brutality is that I will be driving to school every week. It is the only plan that makes sense. Because I have to be there so early and leave so late trains are almost totally out, unless I wanted to miss the last 15 min of class every week. Buses are also out because of my schedule. This means driving. It will be at least 3 hours each way...not accounting for traffic. I'm hoping that since I'll be coming and going so early/late that it won't be too bad. So I'll be leaving Monday mornings at 5amish and returning home at about 1am. 20 hours of awake time, damn I wish coffee did anything to keep me awake. And I also wish my school books were audio books and maybe I could make a real dent in my studies.

So I'm looking forward to a few weeks where a few days a week I can chill/nap/read at my leisure during the day because this fall is going to be a KILLER!

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