Friday, July 8, 2011

Developmental Update

I have been seriously remiss in updating about Z in a more specific manner. She has gone from finally learning to roll over from her back to her belly about 2 weeks ago, to crawling 1.5 weeks ago to being able to pull herself up on unsteady surfaces today! She could pull herself up for a while, especially on the coffee table, which she loved to gnaw on on the way up to the standing position. We are really amazed at how quickly she is figuring things out. It is amazing to see her bouncing on all fours on minute and then all of the sudden she is crawling. We just looked at each other when that happened like, "did she just learn to crawl right then?"

I predict walking by the end of the summer. I crawled by the time I was 9 months, so it wouldn't be completely crazy. She cruises along the furniture super quickly and has an amazing fascination with wires and cords. She even knows if they are trick wires we have left around for her to play with or connected to something vital. She doesn't want the dummy wires, she wants the real deal. I am so relieve that Liam mounted the TV to the wall months ago. That huge thing sitting on a tv stand would have meant disaster.

With all of that development there has still been no movement on the tooth front. Liam swears that she is growing them from the back to the front. She gnaws on everything and even tries to bite on Liam's does. EWWWW. She's battling a seriously runny nose right now and maybe that is linked to the teeth, who knows, but I can't wait to see them in person next week. We're so close now!!!

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