Saturday, July 2, 2011

Only 2 weeks to go

I am counting down the hours, only 336 more to go. I am taking advantage of the time off though, studying for my class, although it's really tough since my internet WILL NOT WORK!!! I can't listen to the classes, but I can at least finish the reading. It just really sucks that I can't totally veg out with good tv and things like that because the internet is really making me crazy. I don't know how anyone can function on 65k. It's like using dial up. Remember dial up, the thought of it makes me want to scream. I hope that it will all be worked out in the next 2 days, but if it isn't then I am going to have to wait until I get back to listen to all of my classes. To listen at work I would have to download a plug in and I don't really want to do that on the company machine.

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