Monday, August 15, 2011

The amazing drowning girl

It appears that Z is sick and tired of us and is continually trying to drown herself any which way she can. She refuses to take water out of a bottle, but she LOVES it out of a cup. Sometimes she'll let us hold it for her, but usually she wants to hold it for herself. This inevitably leads to her tilting a cup that is barely 10% full up to the point that the water covers her mouth and nose. Even when we are watching her intently and trying to make sure she doesn't, she still manages to do it. Coughing and sputtering and she's trying to do it again.

Her new trick is to try and drink the bath water. This is bath water that isn't even halfway up her thighs in the little baby bath, we haven't moved to the big tub yet. When she does that, she's bending with her head at least touching her feet and manages to also put her nose in the water. More coughing and sputtering. She just does this all so quickly and doesn't seem to learn. Same goes for falling off of the sofa. We have a pretty low one and put pillows on top of the carpet, but she will perch her little butt right on the edge and play and seems really surprised when she falls over. I'm torn between saving her and letting her fall to teach her that she will fall off. She falls about half a foot onto the pillows, sometimes she cries from shock, but sometimes she just starts laughing. She's not hurt, but I'm a little afraid that we will go somewhere else, she will think she's at home and decide she wants to launch herself off of their sofa.

So those are the ways Z is trying to off herself while within an arms reach of her parents. Motor skills are moving along. She's standing, can feed herself bits of food, crawling like a maniac. Of those, my SIL doesn't believe she can stand. Ah SIL, I have two, but SIL1 is quite a piece of work. She's nice enough, but at the 4th child, 1st girl she believes that she runs the show. She's actually taken a plate of food out of my hands that I was still eating because she "needed" to get the dishes cleaned. Anyway, SIL1 has decided that it is impossible for Z, at the tender age of 8 mo can be standing and furniture cruising and preparing to walk....

She has no kids, I don't even think she has babysat a kid, but she knows how kids progress developmentally. Liam just rolled his eyes and said, well she can believe that it isn't possible all she wants. I walked at the end of my 9th month and could say 3 word sentences by my 1st birthday. There is a range of development. So that is that on the baby front.

Employment and school-wise, my classes are chosen, I don't know if I'll keep my current schedule or move some classes around, but either way I have everything set and that feels good. I had a quasi-interview with THE FIRM. They seemed super pumped about meeting me and excited about the things that interested me because it is what they are working on. I may or may not be going back to talk to a partner in the next week or so, or perhaps later in the year. Either way it was definitely a great boost for me and not feeling like finding something would be impossible.

I have also gotten 3 callbacks for non-law during school jobs that I can do remotely! I'm really looking forward to being able to help my grandparents out with fixing things up around the house, perhaps being able to take the train to classes once in a while instead of driving, and not needing to take out loans for the spring. That would be amazing. I'll keep working on applying to jobs, interviews, and perhaps working on some school related things before this summer comes to a close. It really really did fly by.

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