Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And that's me done

with 2L, completely or maybe just starting 3L, not sure about that one. My exam is finished and I am so glad I am done. It was brutal and I'm sure that the results will not be pretty, but there isn't much that can be done about that now.

So far this summer after SA has been chill. We have our long weekend coming up in 2 weeks!! It won't be all fun because I'll be going in for an "interview" with my firms office in the area. It's not really an interview, but a meeting with the HR manager. I'll be treating it like an interview. It would be amazing to get a job, well any job at this point, but at least one on the same continent as my husband would be a plus. After a couple of hours at the firm, I'll be meeting Liam and Z at the hotel for a quiet night. We pretty much plan on just hanging out by the pool, going to the water park and eating good meals. While we could do all of this at home things are always more fun when you are away.

My life for the past few weeks has consisted of baking, cooking, studying and family time. Since most of our guy friends here are all on their own (families have fled for the summer), we have been hosting a lot of dinners for our guy friends. So far my chocolate lava cakes are the most popular dessert and our garlic bread still needs a little work. I think the fact that we may have been using bulbs and not cloves of garlic and forgetting to roast them has made it a need-a-mint meal addition.

Z is getting bigger and bigger everyday and her new trick is falling off of the couch. The edge of the sofa means nothing to her. She will perch her little butt right on the edge and play away until she promptly falls off. Sometimes there is crying with no tears and other times she just looks up at us with a big smile. I guess it is good that we have such a low couch and put pillows on the floor when she decides to have couch time.

Standing, cruising and growling are her new favorite things. I am really amazed at the sounds she can make. At first I was worried she was coming down with a cold until I realized she was putting on her, I have something in my throat, voice whenever she wanted. Usually when she was talking to one of her toys. Man I wish I knew what she was saying.

Now my thoughts for the fall are to my grandparents house and just how the hell I am going to baby proof it. With over 20 grandkids, kids coming in and out every day or so you can imagine how much stuff there is everywhere. I'm back 2 weeks before my first class, so I'll be spending that time helping my grandmom de-clutter the house. I just don't want Z to find a GI Joe from 1985 and start chowing down.

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