Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our final seperation

Next week Z and I head back to the US for our final stint. I'm looking forward to these 6 months going by quickly. I have amazingly scheduled all of my courses to end in mid-Feb, which means that I'll have a nice 3 month window before graduation to relax and chill while leisurely studying for the bar. Why leisurely? Because I'll have 6 months to prepare for the BAR!!!! I still can't even believe that it all worked out and hopefully it will be pulled off without a hitch.

We'll see Liam 3 times during that 6 months and only be apart for a maximum of 6 weeks, but as little as 3 weeks at times. All of my classes are on one day this semester from 9am-9pm. It isn't actually so bad because there are at least a few weeks I already know of where one or more of the classes will be cancelled, only a portion has to go or rescheduled for a later date (which I'm not then required to attend.) So this provides good study time during the day. The other big deal is trying to figure out how to get to and from school. By train it can take about 3.5 hours if the stars align and the trains work out. If I drive it is 3 hours and I can leave whenever. I'm leaning toward driving although I would be able to do work on the train, but it all depends on my dad figuring out the car situation.

The budget does not have room for a car in it. Also, I managed to score a job for while I'm in school. It's with a tech company, so not really in my area, but it certainly could be. I can work between 20-40 hours, work whenever I want w/ the exception of a few hours per week that need to be done during an 8 hr window, the pay is pretty good and I get to stay home with Z. Definitely a cool job with the possibility of something more if I wanted and not too crazy taxing. This is perfect for the Fall. 3 papers (65-70 pgs) and 2 exams isn't even that bad. I mean it could be really bad, but I'm just glad it will be over soon.

I still haven't heard back from the FIRM, but I don't generally think they were working under the assumption that anything was urgently required, so I wouldn't be surprised if it took a while. I'll keep checking in and letting them know I'm alive. We still can't believe we have made it this far. We've been doing this for 2 years, 19 months with a baby/pregnant and there's only 6 months left. It will be so nice to just be together with maybe the exception of a few days here, a week there and that's it. We've already started planning the first non-just visiting each other vacation. This is if course if I actually have a job and we're not being crushed by my loan payments. Debating 3 weeks in Ireland and the UK in Aug (a friend is getting married+hen night and stag) or cutting that shorter and saving days for a 2 weeker to Thailand or South Africa. I can't freaking wait.

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