Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Cold

I am sick.  I'm sick and will have driven over 300 miles and 5 hours today and 900 miles in the next three.  Z is at home with my entire family, who are keeping her occupied, but they keep saying that she's asking for me and looking around for me.  I feel so bad, especially because we had to leave Liam just a few weeks ago and I don't want her to feel like I'm abandoning her!  Talk about freaking guilt.  And did I mention that I'm sick with a cold.  I have totally forgone even using tissues and have been slowly making my way through an entire roll of toilet paper during class.  I'm looking forward to Tuesday when I can just lay in the bed and play with Ziggy and enjoy the day.  I'll worry about classwork on Wednesday.  Tired doesn't begin to explain it.  I can't wait until these weekends are over and I can look back and say that there weren't that bad, I'm glad I did them and I am 2 credits closer to graduating.

Priorities for the next three days (1) don't get sicker (2) actually see Z while she is awake (3) try to get some sleep (4) try to get some school work done.  Hopefully I'll catch you all on the flip side of this cold, which I hope will be less than a day.  Fat chance, but a girl can hope!

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