Saturday, September 3, 2011

Of course I was in the bathroom

when Ziggy had her first steps. At 9 months and 1 day, the first non-supported steps were made by the little one. My entire family was upstairs and playing with while I went to get the formula from the shopping bag and go to the bathroom. Through the door I hear everyone freaking screaming that she just took her first steps. Needless to say, there was screaming on my end as well, mainly "No she's not taking her first steps while I'm in the bathroom."

At least this way Liam and I both missed the first steps in person. I, then used my cell to video her next set of steps to my sister. Apparently, my sister is the only person that elicits enough excitement to get her to move those little legs. I also have to make people listen to the video with the sound off because my squealing is out of control!

I still can't believe that it's already happening, but I'm looking forward to real sustained walking because it will be so much easier to keep her from getting cranky when traveling. I know that this also means I'll have a baby that wants to take off and make a break for it. I guess I need to start buying shoes.

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