Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still Haven't Started School Yet

I still haven't begun my classes yet and it feels weird. I've done all my reading...for the first two classes for each class. This means I'm ahead by two weeks. I was going to try and write my papers ahead of time, but I would much rather have a couple of classes first and then get a good topic. I'm pretty much hanging out around the house, helping my grandmother clean things, throw away random newspapers, and heading out to the stores to buy supplies for the house. My grandparents are refusing any kind of rent, so I've been paying our way by buying groceries, house things, and I think I'm just going to start giving her WalMart or Target gift cards at the beginning of the month as a get around on the rent thing.

We could have gotten an apartment for the 6 months we were here and used all of the furniture I had in my apartment from 1L, but being in this house is seriously helpful. There is almost always someone around for better or for worse, but generally it's for the better. Z has tons of people to play with, they'll even take her to the store or church so I can get some reading done. She loves the constant attention and I get a little break to do laundry, make some food, clean her bottles, etc. I'm also happy for the younger kids to get some hands on baby time. They are good at feeding her baby food, getting her to take a bottle, getting her to nap and even changing a diaper. I usually have to draw straws for who gets to participate in bath time because the bathroom is way too small for 4 kids, plus me and Z. It's nice to have helpers and I guess this is a little glimpse of what it would be like to have other older kids when a new baby is in the mix.

So all in all the living situation is good for now. A few things need to be fixed up and when my grandmom goes away on vacation in a week, I'm going to be doing some serious purging. I don't think she needs the Better Homes and Gardens magazine from 1999 in the bathroom. They will all just disappear. I can't wait!

I'm also trying to decide if I'll be putting Z into daycare here. All of the kids have gone back to school today, so there isn't the same bustle in the house as there usually is. I want her to go because she loved her other school and I'm sure I'm going to need a break once classes actually start. I'm getting in at 12am Monday nights and playing all day on Tuesday would probably make me cry. The things giving me pause are the cost, about the same as at home, but there is was pretty much 1 to 1 attention and a great facility. I think for something comparable it would be a whole lot more expensive here. Hmm, so my part time job may end up just paying for daycare and a little bit of food...choices must be made.

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