Saturday, September 24, 2011

When you know you're a 3L

Realizing that I've been saving posts instead of publishing them! D'oh new blogger format.  Here is one from the saver period.

How can I tell I'm a 3L? I can answer a question in class without being called on and then when the professor says, "Nooo, not really." I don't immediately slink down into my seat and not answer again.  I actually answered two of those questions today.  Personally I think the prof was kind of wrong on both, but oh well.  The day is flying by fairly quickly and I'm thankful for that.  I only have about 4 more hours of class, then 3 hours of travel and I don't have to do it again for another 6 days!!! I'm so pumped about that.  So excited in fact.  Now that the light is at the end of the tunnel and my crazy, crazy, 3 day journey.

As I'm on campus more and more I'm finding out that there are fewer and fewer people that I recognize.  I'm also realizing how many people didn't even know I had a baby, even though I left at 36 weeks!  I guess that my belly was a whole lot smaller than I thought or people just thought I was getting fat.  I'm glad that I only have 4 months of class and 5 months of being in the US before graduation.  The thought that the end of law school is so close almost makes me want to jump up and down in class.  Almost...

I'm also happy that my mommy guilt can finally come to an end.  A text stating that Z was crying after being dropped off at my godmother's mom was enough to make me want to turn around.  This was especially hard after how much fun everyone said she was having yesterday.  The pictures are priceless and make me feel not so bad about being away.  Now I know, we'll get to spend the next 6 days together.  

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  1. The new blogger format is awful... I really hate it.

    And re. saving drafts of posts instead of publishing them - don't worry... only the best blawgers do that. After all, there's no point pushing it out there while it's half baked, eh? :-)