Saturday, October 8, 2011

Already getting ready for Halloween

So this will be my first Halloween as a mom!  I'm super excited that I get to be excited, go trick or treating and eat lots of candy and it's totally sanctioned.  I don't have to pretend I'm just chaperoning my siblings and am surprised when offered a piece of candy.  I'm going to have Z out there working it and of course I have to eat all of her candy because she's too little to eat it.  I'm a bit confused about costumes.  Z is walking, but all of the costumes in her size at the stores are made for non-walking babies.  I might just have to buy a few pieces and make her own costume.  I'm thinking Boo from Monsters, Inc.

I absolutely love this time of year in the US.  It is seriously my favorite.  I love it when it starts getting colder, everyone decorating their homes and the food.  Ohhhhh the food.  The countdown to Liam getting here is getting closer and closer!  I'm excited to see him and he'll get to come to my next OB visit.  I can't wait for him to come because we're actually going to have a proper date night.  We're going to go out to a nice fancy restaurant.  I'll get my hair done, dress up, wear make up (gasp!) and we'll head into the city for  our meal and a concert.  Amos Lee is a great singer and we listened to some of his music our first real date.  Liam thought I said Aimlessly, not Amos Lee.  We still have those types of communication errors to this day.

Going out on that date is going to be really nice, while there won't be any drinking (Boo), I'll have a nice Shirley Temple and enjoy the time away from Z with my hubby.  Things are just so hectic now and I think I'm just piling things on for the sake of piling them on.  My part time job is going to go bye bye in the next week or so.  I pretty much make enough to put Z in daycare, but can't get anything else done in the meantime.  I'll keep her in school because she seriously freaking loves it. It will give me a chance to get my school work done, take much needed naps and help my grandmother around the house more often.  I took out a little extra in loans above tuition, which I don't usually do to help with the car and other basic needs. That extra money coupled with my "allowance" from Liam will mean that we'll be fine over here.  I mean I'll have to stop putting caviar on my cereal in the morning, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  The light at the end of this ridiculous law school tunnel is getting closer and closer and I can taste it at this point.  And at the end of that is another tunnel and at the end of that one there is a baby!

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