Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Things have been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks.  Between finally getting my car, trying to sort out health insurance for Z, going to classes, actually reading for class and squeezing in 20 hours of work I have only really had about 1hr of time to myself and that is generally at about 10pm.  Now that I have the car it will make things a whole lot easier, so things should quiet down a little.

Z is absolutely loving school.  She's walking all over the place (at 10 months) which no one ever believes.  They said she was just doing laps around the room today.  She has an little buddy, Mia, who is too small to even roll over, but laughs hysterically whenever Z looks in her direction.  It really is hilarious to see this little girl so completely and totally giddy to see/play with Z.  When I leave her she's off running and playing without even a backward glance.  I'm so glad she loves it and is having fun.

As for school, I only have a few more days of classes left this semester, but still a boat load of work to do.  Beginning this weekend I can finally start writing and make some real progress.  I still can't believe there are only 5 more months left until this crazy journey is over.  The countdown to Liam getting here is going strong.  It's less than a month until he's here and I really can't wait.  I'm sad he'll miss Z's first Halloween, but I plan on making up for it by buying a bunch of clearance Halloween costumes and we can all go for a family photo session.  

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