Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone a little batty!

I've decided to make Z's Halloween costume.  I'm semi-scrapping my original idea for a costume and moving toward something a bit easier to recognize.  So far, after about 3 hours of work, 1 of which was figuring out how to work the sewing machine I'm about 40% finished.  It actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm going to post pics once it's complete.  I don't want to give it away just yet, but it's super cute in my opinion.  I did the bulk of the work after Z had gone to sleep, while watching my Wednesday night shows and it was really kind of fun.  My mom made my two most memorable Halloween costumes for me, one year I was a jack in the box and another a giant sandwich complete with giant frilly tooth pick.  While she won't remember this, it's actually getting me to make something, start trying to figure out sewing and have a little fun.

I'm also making progress on my classes.  Still up to date with all reading in all but one class, started researching my papers and I'll start writing tomorrow.  I think I can finish the entire costume tonight after bedtime and I'll be super excited if I can.  My favorite part of the "fitting" was when Z woke up, so I picked her up before giving her her bottle and just put the costume down and wrapped it around her while she drank away to make sure it wasn't too big.  It wasn't, so YAY and I'm feeling really proud of my haven't sewed since 8th grade skills.

I have my paper topics chosen for all of my classes now.  Two are due in Jan and two are due in Dec.  I would like to finish all by Christmas, but it is a big weight off of my shoulders to know that I have some time and trust me, I won't be waiting until the last minute!  Tomorrow, I have my brother and sister's "character parade" to go to because apparently "Halloween" is a naughty word.  After that, I'm picking up my cousin and one of my other sisters 20 mins early from school to go see In Time with JT.  Woot Woot. Z will be in school, so I'm taking this chance to go to the movies and actually watch the entire movie before I head over to pick Z up from school.

Oh I also have the MPRE next week!  Yikes.  I'm not looking forward to it, especially since Liam is arriving the day before.  I'll get in some studying tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday.  An intensive 20 hours should be more than enough, I hope.  Oh and HALLOWEEN!!!! I'm so freaking excited.


  1. I'm sitting for the MPRE, too! I missed the August administration after getting booted from my flight, now I really have to get it done. I anticipate a busy week next week.

    Can't wait to see photos (please please?) of the Halloween costume!

  2. Good luck on the MPRE! You need to post a picture of the costume when you are done! I made costumes this year and although it was rewarding (and cost effective)- NEVER AGAIN!