Monday, October 10, 2011

Officially Quitting

So I'm officially quitting my job this week.  I liked the people, but it is just too much work.  As I'm getting further into the semester and realizing that just reading for classes isn't going to cut it, something had to give and since Z is pretty much a must keep, along with sleep and eating, this one had to go.  I feel so much more at ease now.  I can finally start thinking about what presentation to do for my negotiations class.  It can be on anything in life, no requirement that is be educational, or on any topic in particular, just no boring.  It seems that for the class this is a lot more challenging than the professor thought it would be.

On the kid front, it's like Z is trying to skin herself pretty much everyday.  She is a constant scratcher.  If you take the clothes off of her, it's usually about .05 secs before she's trying to scratch the sking off of her back.  Take off the diaper and her butt gets it.  I've tried tons of lotions, no lotions, and cutting her nails as low as I feel comfortable, pretty much anything I can think of, but she's still scratching away and looking like she was in a fight with a cat.  Any ideas? I don't want her school thinking I'm staging underground baby vs. kitten cage matches.


  1. A vitamin E salve? B's scars seem to itch as he grows (mostly the needle pricks on his arms) and vitamin E seems to help.

    Congrats on quitting!

  2. Gabby had something like this and I had to get her an anti fungal - sometimes it's actually a yeast infection...just something to think about.

    Good luck with the quitting your job...I totally understand the reasoning.

  3. It could be allergies, too, in which case an antihistamine might help.--LC

  4. Or eczema? Although allergies seem more likely if she's scratching all over. This might be worth a doctor visit.
    Oatmeal baths/lotion might help a little.

  5. I guess I'll make the doctor's appointment. She only tends to do it during bath time, when going to sleep and during diaper changes, but she's due for a doctor's visit anyway. I'll have to make sure I remember to ask!