Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Bad Day

I've been away for a big because Liam was here!  He was here and now he's gone.  It's really difficult for me to not cry while writing this.  I think part of it is hormones, but the majority of it is that he's gone.  Having him here was so great.  I didn't realize just how tired I was until I had someone else that I could fully share parenting responsibilities with for a bit.  Now that Z is running around like a mad woman the reprieve of having him here has just made it harder for him to be away.  I really don't know how military families do it and we certainly reflected on that on Veteran's Day.

Things I know about the last 7 days.  1) I probably didn't make the percentages I needed for the MPRE 2) Z can do about 2 hours in the car before she starts to get pissed off 3) Z is not adjusting to the time change well and has been voicing her opinion very loudly during the night 4) I'm so behind in school work 5) I need to start napping more while Z is away because I'm dragging pretty much 24/7.

I've put Z into daycare for 4 days a week until Christmas.  I'm hoping this extra day will help me get more done, nap more and hopefully just give me more of a break.  Being pregnant again while in school certainly isn't bringing out the overachiever in me!  I'm praying we have a good night and she'll sleep, take a bottle and go right back to sleep and not have a fussy crazy night like the night's before.

The semester is winding down and I'm so ready for the beginning of the end.  I'm very excited for classes next semester.  I was able to merge my schedule requirements with ones that would actually interest me.  This semester was so much more of a crapshoot.  Now that the end is nearer we're really starting to think about our future, things we'll be able to do together and what our life may look like once we're all back together.  We get 3 months together as a family of 3 before we'll add another little one.  It's still so crazy to think back to where things were only 4 years ago.  Liam and I hadn't even met.  The first time we met was 3 days from now at a party thrown by a friend.  While it was our first meeting it wasn't the first time we probably walked by one another and didn't even notice.  We later found out, after we'd been dating a while that we were at another party about a month earlier (appearing in the backgrounds of each others photos), but didn't even see each other.  Trip down memory lane sponsored by raging hormones and separation anxiety.

Tomorrow begins crunch time until Christmas.  I'll make the best of it, stick my nose to the grindstone and make it work.  I sure do wish I could have a nice margarita though!


  1. I feel the same way about my MPRE. But I keep reminding myself of my friend's text - If you walked out thinking that it as easily could have been 35% or 100%, you crushed it.

    Crazy about seeing each other in the background of your photos!

  2. Ok, good to hear that this might be the case! And about the photos, we were pretty surprised when we saw the pics a few months into dating.

  3. Yes, totally true -- everyone feels like they failed the MPRE.

    I always missed margaritas during pregnancy too! Hang in there.

  4. You two are definately on the fast track! My husband and I were like that. We were married after just 2 years of knowing each other and got pregnant one month into our marriage :). But when you know what you want, why not go for it!

    I remember being pregnant in lawschool- I was exactly half way done. It went all downhill after that. I totally stopped caring about school. Compared to making a new life, getting good grades (which I never really had anyway) seemed so unimportant to me.

    The one thing I never had to do was deal with being apart from my husband. My heart goes out to you and the fact you are doing it all (school, parenting, pregnancy) physically on your own. You are doing a great job! It will pass soon enough!