Monday, November 14, 2011

A Better Day

Thanks for all of the pep talks after my last post.  I'm doing a lot better now.  The countdown to Liam coming back has begun, Z is going to be in school for 4 days, I have a good schedule for getting my papers done, they have started playing Christmas music already (would normally annoy me, but I needed a pick me up) and the Hunger Games trailer just came out.

If you haven't read the Hunger Games series, do it!  I know it's supposed to be a young adult book, but I found the subject matter pretty grown up and have gotten about half of my family to read it.  I can't wait for the movie! And they better not screw it up.

I didn't realize how much I'm looking forward to next semester until I started to realize just how uninterested I am in some of my classes this semester.  I am not going to be a regulator, it doesn't float my boat and requiring what seems like 5 credit hours of work for a 2 credit class isn't cool.  International mergers, negotiations, things like that are fun to me!  Next semester is all of that stuff.  Yay!

I'm taking off one day in Nov, so I only have 1 more day of class to go.  Things are starting to get a bit hairy and people are starting to freak out, but I'm just trying to be very calm about it and not freak myself out.  It helps that I'm not around all of these people all of the time.  The study timeline is 4 days/wk of 8 hours of intense studying/writing/researching.  I'll also try to squeeze in some studying on the days Z is home with me, but I usually try to reserve nap time for nap time for me, doing/folding laundry, washing/making bottles, cleaning up our room and the rec room or just taking a little time to veg on the couch.

She's 11.5 months today and turning into such a little person.  She's running, great at saying "bye bye" and "thank you".  She's getting better at family names and does now seem to say "mama" to me specifically and usually when she wants something.  I'm trying to keep her from associating fake crying with I get what I want, so I try to let her figure things out so that she'll do it herself.  Her new favorite fake cry moment is when she puts something into her crib like a marker/plastic hanger and tries to pull it our horizontally and not vertically.  She figures it out pretty quickly, but still likes to give a little "you gonna help me" cry.  It's amazing how quickly I was able to discern the "I just fell and hit my mouth and might be seriously injured" cry from the "I fell off of one step onto my butt and I'm a little scared" cry.  I love that Z is an independent kid, she'll just sit and play on her own even with a house filled with people and then all the sudden just run into the room and start playing peek-a-boo.

Her level of comfort with people really makes me happy.  She isn't afraid to just walk up to a person, check them out, maybe ask for a pick up and then get down and run off to do something else.  I like that she isn't afraid of people and under my watchful eye I have no problems letting her wander around,  interact with people and do her own thing.  I think kids are actually really good at trusting their own instincts until we practically beat it out of them with stranger danger and things like that.  If she can learn now to start following her instincts when it comes to people, I'll feel a lot better in the long run.  So far her favorite strangers of choice are: women with kids, pretty ladies in general, men with kids and other little kids.  It's really funny to see her interact with other people and their reactions to her.  While I'm usually only about 5 feet away I think a lot of people are a bit surprised I let her interact with them, especially the men.  It kind of makes me feel bad because men, especially dad's have to feel so afraid when they go out with their kids that other people may be wary of them just because they are men, but that's a talk for anther day.  Wow, this post is a lot longer than I intended, but I guess that's what happens when you're sitting in a class that doesn't even make sense!

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