Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Crush is Upon Me

This is when things start to get crazy.  I don't want to have to get an extension on one of my papers, but I'm afraid I might have to.  There is so much that I haven't been able to get done, even spending most of the time Z is in school.  Oy, I'm not freaking out yet, but I'm probably going to get there.

That said, Thanksgiving was so much fun!  We had it at my uncle's and his wife's parents were cooking about half the meal and my grandmother the other half.  I threw in a couple of pies and everyone was pretty much wishing for death after stuffing themselves.  It was amazingly delicious, everyone had a great time.  It was filled with good family stories, lots of Kinect Dance Central 2, tons of food and kids playing outside.  A major freakout was avoided on my part while I was downstairs taking my Kinect turn and Z was upstairs with about half the adults and all of the other kids. The kids outside opened the screen door that Z was leaning against and she got a face plant into a pile of leaves and mud.  It wasn't serious enough for anyone to call me, so I heard about it about 10 minutes later after the grandmothers had cleaned her off.  She didn't have any cuts or scrapes and when I saw her again, she was sliding across the hardwood floods and chasing her non-walking older cousin.  She didn't seem at all upset, so I just rolled with it.  This kid has a noggin made of steel.  She bumps her head about 5 time everyday and just keeps on going. I take my cues from her and if she doesn't cry, I don't make a fuss!  So far, so good.

So back to school, the end is near and the ominous tone is starting to play in the back of my head.  At least Z's incisors have broken through on both sides, so I think she's over the worst of her 3 hours of sleep per night.  Next week, she's in school 4 days per week, there isn't a crazy amazing holiday involving more food that any human should consume at once and I can really get down to business...or sleep.  I'll try to balance both urges.  2 exams, 1 project and 2 papers (possibly 1) to go.

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