Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talk about productive

I have a phone call with my externship "boss" and have completed almost 30 hours of work on my project in the past week.  I'm only required to do another 25, but I think I'll end up spending a bit more.  It's a really open ended 50 state survey assignment, so it's just jumping from state to state trying to gather all of the info, nothing too terrible.  I'll be glad when it's over because then I can really hunker down for my papers.  40 pages in 20 days (not including weekends).  That's totally doable, if I keep up all of this work.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm so excited.  This will be my first non-improvised Thanksgiving in about 5 years.  All of the ingredients I need will be here, I can just go out to buy something last minute and not have to remember to try and bring it with me months before so I can have it on the day.  We're having it at my uncle's after I promised his wife there would be help with the clean up.  They have the best set up, most room, and her mom is a caterer!  I'm going to bake two pies, probably pumpkin and apple.  I think I'll go to their house early and bake it there, we'll see.  I was kind of hoping to make my own pie crust like I usually do, but given the decreased amount of counter space/oven space I'll probably just end up buying pre-made dough and baking ahead of time...or buying the pies!  Have I said how excited I am!!! It's going to be so delicious, everyone will be there, we'll have a great time eating until we're stuffed, laughing, maybe playing a little Dance Central and then my mom and I will be gearing up to go shopping.  I don't plan on going crazy, but I do like the fun of Black Friday shopping.  I'll pickck up a couple of things I've seen and then back home to pass out/eat more leftovers.  Oh the leftovers, talk about the best part.  Can't wait.  

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