Friday, December 30, 2011

Whew Finally Taking A Breather

The Good:
  • Z is over her ear infection, running around and making herself dizzy by spinning in circles.  She got so many toys for Christmas (glad Liam and I didn't buy her anything) that we've had to buy my suitcases a month early, so we have a place to put all of this stuff.  
  • Liam is here!!!! We have had a great week together, an uneventful Christmas that didn't really feel like it was real because it was so warm and even got to go to the movies.  We're working on another movie and date night soon.
  • I finished with 3 of my 5 papers!  I have a week before my next draft is due and 2.5 weeks until the other final paper is due.  Thankfully my paper due in 2.5 weeks is built off of a project I completed for a client, so I only have about 1000 more words to complete on that one.
  • This little bot of real co-parenting has brought me back from the brink and even happier than before when it comes to adding another one to the mix.  
  • Less than 50 days until we are HOME!!!
The bad:
  • (We're both fine) A short trip to the hospital for me in a Boo related scare, made me realize just how scared I was the first time around with Z, especially toward the end when her movements were less and less consistent.  So, a 3 hour trip to the maternity triage began holding back tears and ended with us watching Modern Family on Hulu+ on my iPhone and wanting to get out of there.  No placental abruption, woohooo.
  • Paper writing is not conducive to actually relaxing this holiday.  I'm definitely kicking myself for waiting until now to get it all done, but nothing can be done other than head town and write.  My 1000/day quota has worked out so far with me ahead of schedule.
  • We have so much to bring back.  Z and I will be traveling with 4 large suitcases, 2 wheely carryons, one backpack, and one stroller.  We managed to use our miles to upgrade our flight home,  which means the airline will be a lot nicer and accommodating toward us with all of our stuff.  We knew it was going to be a loaded flight back for us because we filled Liam's two completely empty bags in the first 4 days here.  The after Christmas sales we just too good to pass up.  We have clothes for Z up until 2T, I just hope she doesn't outgrow everything before she's 1.5.  
  • Classes start again in less than 2 weeks.  
A quick update on where I disappears to for a while.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Slow Crawl

The slow crawl to finishing the semester.  This semester won't actually be over for me until Jan 30th, about 4 weeks unto my 6 week spring semester.  I have papers due pretty much every 2 weeks until then. I've started working on all of them, so I just need to sit down and bang out a few pages per day.  It is doable, but won't be pretty with all of the family time we'll be having.

While the paper situation doesn't bode well for a stress-free holiday season, it will keep me from going freaking insane.  I've bought most of my Christmas presents through Amazon about 5 min ago and look forward to wrapping them/throwing them in a bag.  Both Liam and I have gotten about 2 gifts for one another and we've only bought Z one present.  She's gotten about 10 already from aunts, uncles, godparents, etc, so I don't really think she'll mind at all.  I'm mainly buying serious amounts of supplies for the BIG MOVE!!!  It's hard to even express how much I'm looking forward to being an actual together family for as long as we can put up with one another.  Once we move back we'll only be apart for a total of 13 days over the next year (barring any kind of work travel)!!!  I can't wait, but knowing I won't be coming back to the US has made me into a crazy must buy supplies freak.  Baking supplies: vanilla extract, dry active yeast, baked goodie packaging supplies; home stuff: baby clothes hangers, solar outdoor lights, baby toothbrushes and toothpaste, things like that that we can't get there, but you kind of need.  Now I'm just trying to rack my brain to remember everything I can physically fit in the suitcase and must have to be able to keep the happy smiles coming once I'm there.

We're looking forward to daily walks in a huge grassy park with fake bird noises, strolling through Dean and Deluca and not buying a single thing and making our back living room area into an awesome tumbling play area for Z complete with wedge mats and anything else we can get our hands on.  It's things like this that keep me going when I just want to get on a plane and go NOW!!! 9 more weeks until my time law school is completely over.  Ohhh I thought this time would never ever come.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Could it get any worse?

While I know that it could, this has just been a sucky 24 hours.  My 1st exam is in the next few hours.  I have had less than 4 hours of sleep, due to a fussy as hell baby!  She wouldn't go to sleep (took over an hour) when usually it's 20 min tops.  So of course I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 11pm.  Realizing that I needed formula and didn't know if my mom had picked it up for me because she wasn't responding to my texts and phone calls, I put on my coat to leave.  My grandmom then informed me that there was a full container on the table, sigh ok.  Then I needed to wash all of her bottles, pack her lunch and snack for school the next day, pack her diaper bag with all of the needed things school requested, get my clothes out and pack MY bag for school.

I was up at 4:45 to get to the train by 5:20 and I seriously could have just fallen asleep in the car at the station and called it a day.  Z was up at 3am for some reason, kicking, crying and flailing her arms.  I couldn't get her back to sleep for some reason she was working against me.  At this point my only goal for exams is not to fall asleep while it's going on...wish me luck!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Closed Notes Exam

I will be having my first one ever in law school...and I'm afraid.  The material isn't that difficult, but it is a lot of material and I'm a bit afraid I'm going to forget a boatload of it.  I have a week to make it happen, so I really really really hope that's enough time to get it done and ingrain it in my brain even more and not screw it up.  There are two exams going on that day and I'm not really all that worried about the second exam because it's open notes, I'm familiar with the subject (the Interwebs) and I've got a good 6 hours between exams.  My 1st paper is 90% finished.  I just need to proof it and clean it up in some places, which can wait until some downtime this weekend or after my exams.  I'm so glad it's almost finished!

One the pregnancy front, I'm feeling a lot more movement from the little one and that's fun.  That was something that I really really missed once Z was born.  It was amazing how something I thought would be so freaky ended up being so much fun and exciting.  Other than fighting with my doctor's office about insurance payments (I never see a lab report, they request non-routine test and send them to an out of network lab) and say that hey it's my responsibility.  I would think if you're in-network you would know what my insurance does and doesn't cover, which labs to send my stuff to and not try to screw me out of thousands of dollars.  This will be a great meeting tomorrow with the bill department.  Oh joy, just what I want to be doing right now.  

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm just not even in the mood, which is sad because I LOVE Christmas!!! I love this time of year so much, but the stress of everything is killing it all and means that I can't really enjoy the best parts of the holiday, i.e. shopping, baking, hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies.  In 8 days that will be all over and I'll have time to leisurely write at a good thousand or so words a day, so hopefully the season won't be ruined by this pesky school thing!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm the grown up?

It still amazes me that I'm the grown up.  Even after getting married, having a baby and another one on the way, I forget that sometimes, until a smack in the face reminds me.  I just got an awesomely huge bill from my OB that included some crazy non-standard genetic testing done from my initial bloodwork.  I specifically told them I didn't want any genetic testing done because we didn't want false positives and wouldn't do anything about the results anyway.  Flash to a couple of days ago when I open my explanation of benefits invoice and in addition to huge DENIEDs written all over it there is also a boat load of testing that isn't standard and I definitely didn't sign off on.  The grown up realization hit me when I realized I have to sort this out.  I'll have to make the calls, sit on hold, have all of my statements handy and fight to not get royally screwed over.  Sometimes being a grown up sucks, I wish I could just have my lollipop, sit in a chair swinging my feet back and forth and let the adults sort this stuff out.  Does this feeling go away? Will I always be shocked that I'm a grown up?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Bit Derailed

That's what a call from nursery, yesterday, saying that Z has diarrhea will do to my writing progress.  They said she was a little clingy, but eating well.  I still hurried over there and found a totally smiling happy toddler who was very happy to see me.  She hasn't had it again and sometimes I think they might just say it to have me pick her up early!   It could be some new food, but really she hasn't had anything new.

Instead of writing I've been researching because at least that doesn't require my 100% attention and scanning allows me to play dollies and find articles and books to cite.  I still have almost 2 weeks, so I'm not too worried, Monday should be enough to get it done.  Did I tell you how excited I am for this semester to be over?

On the pregnancy front, heartburn check, but something that hasn't happened yet is my turtle syndrome and I'm so happy.  Last time around I was unable to roll over from my side onto my back and over to the other side.  If I wanted to switch while laying down I had to roll onto my belly, onto all fours and then back on the other side.  It wasn't fun at all, but so far I have been fine and my hips aren't seriously hurting...yet.  I'm coming up on 18 weeks and seriously can't believe I'm almost halfway there.

My hormones were satiated this afternoon at an outlet mall by some water ice, a cookie, a slice of pizza and sharing a half of a small fry that Z didn't finish.  Man being pregnant has certainly given me some leeway in what the hell I'm eating.  I'm not usually that bad, but it was all calling to me and usually I am pretty good...coooookkiiiies.  Z and I went with my mother and grandmother who had tons of fun shopping.  I absolutely hate shopping, I'm a walk in, pick up a few things and walk out.  Trying things on is not an option.  This is why I do actually like shopping for Z.  I pick up cute things, always on sale, buy them and we're out.  The mission was accomplished and we made it out unscathed and way under the Liam provided budget.  I think the budget is more to get me to shop at all than not overspend, if he didn't say spend X I wouldn't spend anything at all because I don't like to if I don't have to.  A few more weeks until he's here and we can't wait!!!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Actually Making Progress

I've gotten an extension on another one of my papers (2 were granted automatically to the whole class by the profs), so now I have 1 paper, 1 projects and 2 exams to get done in 2 weeks.  I'm halfway finished with my paper, will be about 1000 words closer by the end of the day.  This means I'll have about 2000 more words to complete over the weekend and I know I can do it.  

Now that I have more time for my papers and they are all due about 2 weeks apart from each other I'm feeling so much better.  I'm at least halfway finished with my project and my exams, well I'll have a good amount of time to really get studying on those without distractions.  Talking to Liam has made me a bit of a crab, but I think he knows that how I am as I start to feel stressed.  If I hear him say how tired he is one more time I might just scream.  I know that of course everyone gets tired, but when I'm doing research while we're having our daily video chat, after being woken up 2 or 3 times during the night by Z, getting up at 7am, getting her dressed and off to school and I'm trying to scarf down some breakfast before I start writing, all while gestating a baby! that's not what I want to hear.

Heartburn is back with a vengeance!  I seems like it's hitting earlier this time than it did last time, but I might just not have been paying attention to when it came up before.  It's not at bad as it was at the end of the pregnancy with Z, where I was literally sleeping sitting up propped up by pillows, but it's not so great.  It's kind of all of the time, which is a bummer, but I guess I'll need to buy Tums in bulk.  

Z is still such a little cutie and I do love it so much when she comes home after school.  The whole family (most of my brothers and sisters, grandparents, perhaps my uncle's family, plus one or two other cousins) is usually here eating dinner/just finished eating dinner and she just gets to play with everyone.  She'll usually eat some dinner, some of grandmom's great cooking, and then bedtime.  It really is a nice routine and I'll definitely miss it when we leave.  It will just be me and Liam...not the busy busy house she's used to here.  I really think having everyone around has made her a really independent, physical kid.  She wants to run around like the big kids, she's free to explore and no one person really has to keep a sharp eye out for her because there are 10 other people in the house.  She can crawl upstairs, leaving me downstairs because she knows grandpop is upstairs, head on over to the kitchen because grandmom is there and down into the rec room because all of the kids are down there.   I know I'll miss having everyone around and I'm sure she will too, I guess that just means we're going to have to look into some playgroups in addition to school once we move.

Break over, back to the writing...