Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Bit Derailed

That's what a call from nursery, yesterday, saying that Z has diarrhea will do to my writing progress.  They said she was a little clingy, but eating well.  I still hurried over there and found a totally smiling happy toddler who was very happy to see me.  She hasn't had it again and sometimes I think they might just say it to have me pick her up early!   It could be some new food, but really she hasn't had anything new.

Instead of writing I've been researching because at least that doesn't require my 100% attention and scanning allows me to play dollies and find articles and books to cite.  I still have almost 2 weeks, so I'm not too worried, Monday should be enough to get it done.  Did I tell you how excited I am for this semester to be over?

On the pregnancy front, heartburn check, but something that hasn't happened yet is my turtle syndrome and I'm so happy.  Last time around I was unable to roll over from my side onto my back and over to the other side.  If I wanted to switch while laying down I had to roll onto my belly, onto all fours and then back on the other side.  It wasn't fun at all, but so far I have been fine and my hips aren't seriously hurting...yet.  I'm coming up on 18 weeks and seriously can't believe I'm almost halfway there.

My hormones were satiated this afternoon at an outlet mall by some water ice, a cookie, a slice of pizza and sharing a half of a small fry that Z didn't finish.  Man being pregnant has certainly given me some leeway in what the hell I'm eating.  I'm not usually that bad, but it was all calling to me and usually I am pretty good...coooookkiiiies.  Z and I went with my mother and grandmother who had tons of fun shopping.  I absolutely hate shopping, I'm a walk in, pick up a few things and walk out.  Trying things on is not an option.  This is why I do actually like shopping for Z.  I pick up cute things, always on sale, buy them and we're out.  The mission was accomplished and we made it out unscathed and way under the Liam provided budget.  I think the budget is more to get me to shop at all than not overspend, if he didn't say spend X I wouldn't spend anything at all because I don't like to if I don't have to.  A few more weeks until he's here and we can't wait!!!!!!

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  1. Good luck on your papers! Hope Z is doing better. And I think you totally deserve to indulge- I do every day, ha ha!