Thursday, December 8, 2011

Closed Notes Exam

I will be having my first one ever in law school...and I'm afraid.  The material isn't that difficult, but it is a lot of material and I'm a bit afraid I'm going to forget a boatload of it.  I have a week to make it happen, so I really really really hope that's enough time to get it done and ingrain it in my brain even more and not screw it up.  There are two exams going on that day and I'm not really all that worried about the second exam because it's open notes, I'm familiar with the subject (the Interwebs) and I've got a good 6 hours between exams.  My 1st paper is 90% finished.  I just need to proof it and clean it up in some places, which can wait until some downtime this weekend or after my exams.  I'm so glad it's almost finished!

One the pregnancy front, I'm feeling a lot more movement from the little one and that's fun.  That was something that I really really missed once Z was born.  It was amazing how something I thought would be so freaky ended up being so much fun and exciting.  Other than fighting with my doctor's office about insurance payments (I never see a lab report, they request non-routine test and send them to an out of network lab) and say that hey it's my responsibility.  I would think if you're in-network you would know what my insurance does and doesn't cover, which labs to send my stuff to and not try to screw me out of thousands of dollars.  This will be a great meeting tomorrow with the bill department.  Oh joy, just what I want to be doing right now.  

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm just not even in the mood, which is sad because I LOVE Christmas!!! I love this time of year so much, but the stress of everything is killing it all and means that I can't really enjoy the best parts of the holiday, i.e. shopping, baking, hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies.  In 8 days that will be all over and I'll have time to leisurely write at a good thousand or so words a day, so hopefully the season won't be ruined by this pesky school thing!

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