Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm the grown up?

It still amazes me that I'm the grown up.  Even after getting married, having a baby and another one on the way, I forget that sometimes, until a smack in the face reminds me.  I just got an awesomely huge bill from my OB that included some crazy non-standard genetic testing done from my initial bloodwork.  I specifically told them I didn't want any genetic testing done because we didn't want false positives and wouldn't do anything about the results anyway.  Flash to a couple of days ago when I open my explanation of benefits invoice and in addition to huge DENIEDs written all over it there is also a boat load of testing that isn't standard and I definitely didn't sign off on.  The grown up realization hit me when I realized I have to sort this out.  I'll have to make the calls, sit on hold, have all of my statements handy and fight to not get royally screwed over.  Sometimes being a grown up sucks, I wish I could just have my lollipop, sit in a chair swinging my feet back and forth and let the adults sort this stuff out.  Does this feeling go away? Will I always be shocked that I'm a grown up?


  1. I was just telling DH how much we looked like grown ups in a recent picture. He pointed out that we are 36. I told him I'd probably still feel like a kid at 50. I look much more like an adult--like someone's mom--in that picture than I feel.

    So, no, at least at 36 it hasn't gone away yet, and I'm still shocked at being a grown up.

    BTW, good luck sorting out the medical bills--that is most unfun grown up stuff.

  2. I am no longer shocked at being a grown-up, but I can't say I always enjoy it.