Friday, December 30, 2011

Whew Finally Taking A Breather

The Good:
  • Z is over her ear infection, running around and making herself dizzy by spinning in circles.  She got so many toys for Christmas (glad Liam and I didn't buy her anything) that we've had to buy my suitcases a month early, so we have a place to put all of this stuff.  
  • Liam is here!!!! We have had a great week together, an uneventful Christmas that didn't really feel like it was real because it was so warm and even got to go to the movies.  We're working on another movie and date night soon.
  • I finished with 3 of my 5 papers!  I have a week before my next draft is due and 2.5 weeks until the other final paper is due.  Thankfully my paper due in 2.5 weeks is built off of a project I completed for a client, so I only have about 1000 more words to complete on that one.
  • This little bot of real co-parenting has brought me back from the brink and even happier than before when it comes to adding another one to the mix.  
  • Less than 50 days until we are HOME!!!
The bad:
  • (We're both fine) A short trip to the hospital for me in a Boo related scare, made me realize just how scared I was the first time around with Z, especially toward the end when her movements were less and less consistent.  So, a 3 hour trip to the maternity triage began holding back tears and ended with us watching Modern Family on Hulu+ on my iPhone and wanting to get out of there.  No placental abruption, woohooo.
  • Paper writing is not conducive to actually relaxing this holiday.  I'm definitely kicking myself for waiting until now to get it all done, but nothing can be done other than head town and write.  My 1000/day quota has worked out so far with me ahead of schedule.
  • We have so much to bring back.  Z and I will be traveling with 4 large suitcases, 2 wheely carryons, one backpack, and one stroller.  We managed to use our miles to upgrade our flight home,  which means the airline will be a lot nicer and accommodating toward us with all of our stuff.  We knew it was going to be a loaded flight back for us because we filled Liam's two completely empty bags in the first 4 days here.  The after Christmas sales we just too good to pass up.  We have clothes for Z up until 2T, I just hope she doesn't outgrow everything before she's 1.5.  
  • Classes start again in less than 2 weeks.  
A quick update on where I disappears to for a while.

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