Sunday, May 29, 2011

Allll Byyyyyy Myyyyyyyseeeeelllllfff...

so I'm all by myself working at my summer job. Thankfully work is interesting, people seem to actually be coming to me with projects they need my help on, and I'm not making a complete and total fool of myself.

Everyone in the office has been super nice. They keep thinking of projects to give me that are manageable, at least they seem that way and are pretty surprised when I give them to them within the day. I keep thinking maybe I should slow it down and not crank things out so fast. And this isn't just me spitting things out, I'm double, triple and sometimes quadrupling checking what I'm turning in. I have to say thank god for my legal research class. Not being able to use Lexis or Westlaw really sucks. I'm sure the office has accounts, but if I can find the info without using them I'm certainly going to use them. Google Books, Google Scholar and the office library have been so helpful. I'm also really happy to report that things I have been studying are actually coming in handy.

I have my own office with my name on the door and everything. Most people are out of the office before 6:30 and I usually stay until 6. I've been invited to work in at least 3 practice areas, so far. Litigation, real estate and corporate have has tasks for me to complete. Each one was interesting in their own right, so I can't really say there is one I would prefer over the other. But litigation does come with an awesome weekly lunch!

I'm still in a hotel right now and will finally get to move into my apartment on the 1st. I'm excited to have my own space even if it's only until July. I did absolutely nothing this weekend and loved it. I just wandered around the hotel, found a couple of restaurants and cafes nearby to eat at and read books for fun. Appreciating this time away is something I'm willing myself to do, so I won't get caught up in wallowing about not being with Z and Liam. While I haven't done much exploring of the city I have been searching high and low to find a store that sells AA batteries. I thought they would last longer in my breast pump, but alas they are dying every 1.5 days. 8 AA batteries every 1.5 days, not fun to lug around. I ordered an EU plug transformer for my pump and it should arrive soon. I also bought a hand pump, but that worked about as well as willing myself to express.

Can't wait for the next work week to begin and get in there. At least having a good work experience will make the weeks go faster.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work is getting good

Work has been good so far. I'm actually getting some interesting work researching topics I have, thankfully, studied a little bit about. Everyone in the office is super nice and has been trying to include me as much as possible. I have lunch meeting one practice area a week and who doesn't like a free lunch. I am also getting to flex my native English speaker skills by helping with translations. So far so good. Best part about the office...foosball table! I haven't played it yet because it is almost always occupied. There are over 100 lawyers in the building, so that makes sense. Now if I could only figure out the coffee/cappuccino machine.

The hotel I'm staying in is tiny, but it's a clean room and enough space for just me. I'm actually a little bit sad for when I move into the apartment. This hotel is about 6 minutes from a slow stroll. The apartment is a 25 minute walk, which still isn't bad, but a quite run back and forth will be missed. Other than that I'm enjoying my Slingbox and can't wait to watch this week of Oprah's final shows. Now I just have to wait for my summer shows to begin and then the Slingbox will be worth its weight in gold! True Blood, SYTYCD, Separated at Birth (a new and yet unproven show, but looking forward to it)!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Leaving them behind

No, this is not about the rapture...

I'm going to be away from Z for 8 weeks. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It will only be for 46 days factoring in the week they are coming to visit me. This transition week has been particularly hard because I have been giving Liam a chance to primary parent. He has been doing many feedings, getting up at night, and I've kind of been trying to keep my distance to help the transition be a bit smoother. I worry most about the consistency interruption. Although she has been away from Liam for a month here or there, I've been the constant. Now, I'll be gone. Hoping to not breakdown into tears at the airport...

Monday, May 16, 2011

2L Over

If you couldn't tell by the fact that I left the country (although not always an indicator that I don't have class) 2L is finished. I couldn't even begin to compare 1L and 2L so I won't even try. But I guess this is the time of year where everyone does their school year wrap up, so here it goes.
  • Completed Fall semester pregnant, delivered a baby and took all my exams with only a slight delay
  • Participated in zero extracurricular events
  • Completed Spring semester with an infant, while traveling 3 hrs to and from school (thank god for awesome family members for babysitting)
  • Managed to secure a summer job (not in the location where I want to be after graduation, but you can't win always get what you want)
I can't say that my academic life has been that amazing. I've just been getting it done. Papers, exams, whatever else, just get it done has been my mantra. There's been no time for lollygagging or other pussyfooting around. I would much rather spend my time baby talking with Z than sitting at my computer and not getting work done. I'm still on schedule to graduate on time and I'm at least a little amazed. Looking back I'm glad I didn't take this semester off. I am only saying that now because it's over and the thought of not graduating until 2013 would make me want to cry. With only 26 credits left and more control over my schedule I should be able to have a much more smooth sailing 3L. I am certainly looking forward to it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

23 Hours of Travel

All I have to say is Z is an amazing traveler. She is great, sleeps loads, barely cries, smiles at everyone and is just a pleasure. Tons of people always tells me how great she is after every flight. After this past flight, I couldn't be any happier about that. It made my near breakdown at JFK and Heathrow more manageable.

My flight into JFK was 1.5 hours late. This changed my 2.5 hr layover a bit tighter. And my flight was leaving from a different terminal. I knew I was in trouble when changing terminals and I had to go outside. In transfer terms OUTSIDE is as bad as it can get because you have to go through security again. As I entered the check in area of the terminal, I know, it's like I came in from the freaking parking lot, and I head them announcing our names for final call I really lost it. I'm wearing a huge backpack, pushing a stroller and bawling. I explained to security that I didn't think I would make it. They were amazing. They helped my get all of my shit onto the belts, go through the metal detectors and even had an elevator waiting to get me to my gate. I was running with my 30lb backpack and made it by the skin of our teeth. We settled in, had an extra seat and enjoyed the flight...until we go to Heathrow...

Where my 1.5 hr layover with British Air turned out to not be anywhere near as long as we needed. Please tell me what the point of having your own terminal for your airline is when you have to go through security AGAIN after you deplane. Needless to say I had to how down a few old ladies (after saying excuse me about 10 times, her husband telling her to move over and about 10 other people sprinting by) I may have clipped her with the stroller. She proceeded to look at me like I had just punched her in the head. I said sorry and took off running. As I got into the security line and asked the security corraller if she thought I would like my flight, she looked at my ticket and said "Probably not." and then walked the F*CK away. That's it. No help, no moving to the front of the line, nothing. Just a, "Doesn't look good." She managed to reiterate that sentiment about 10 min later while I was still in line with a, "You're not going to make it, but you can try." Well thanks for your f*cking support. Oh there were so many names I wanted to call her.

That said, once I got to the actual conveyor belt they were nice and let me wheel the stroller through where the wheelchairs go instead of breaking down the whole thing and putting it through the xray. I was off running again and of course the gate was the LAST one in the terminal. I ran there and found that I was one of 7 people in line although the boards had also said "Gate Closing." They wouldn't take my stroller on board like they would from JFK because they said they were at 100%. Ok whatever, I wouldn't need it to transit or anything. Then we walk on and the plane is half empty. 100% my eye, she was just being lazy and didn't want to lift my stroller onto the plane.

So we sit down I have the car seat all strapped in when the flight attendant tells me I can't use her car seat. WHAT?! She says BA requires a forward facing car seat. I tell her I just got off of a BA flight, where I used a rear-facing car seat. Why would you use a forward facing car seat, especially for an infant when every car seat/automobile manufacturer requires rear-facing. We would all be safer if we could travel rear-facing. SO WHY IS MY BABY SUPPOSED TO FLY FORWARD FACING?!!!!!!! Then she said that I couldn't even use the seat for take off and landing because the straps had to go in under the bottom of the seat and not across the top (as with infant seats when you're using them without the base). So what do I have to do? Hold her on my lap. My lap is apparently a lot safer than a freaking car seat. So they gave me a great little seat belt for her, that would you know, stop her from flying across the cabin. They helpfully informed me that I could always put her in the seat once we were in the air, you know, not during the most dangerous time when flying, take off and landing. I was already near tears again because I thought I was going to miss this flight and now just when I've kind of calmed down I'm near tear again. The thing is there is no recourse once you're on the plane. If you don't listen to them you don't fly and get air marshalled off the plane. So needless to say I begrudgingly did as the requested thinking the whole time that this was like once of those authority social experiments where you got people to do something they knew was wrong just because someone in authority said to do it. Thankfully we made it just fine but I probably won't be flying BA again until Z can sit forward facing to avoid this issue again.

We have now been home for just over 12 hours and are so happy. Liam is getting used to Daddy duty again and will be taking over full time while I'm at my SA job this summer. It isn't ideal, but we're going to get through it. For right now, I'm looking forward to hanging out with Z, doing nothing school related and just being a family unit, even if it's just for a week. :( I can't wait for mid-July!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

And it begins

It seems that Z has decided to grow up a bit. Her newest trick...not letting me put her to sleep. She will only go to bed, if I lay her down on her stomach and leave the room. Of course, I'm keeping an eye on her through the open door and then flip her over once she's asleep, but I almost sort of teared up.

We went through out usual routine, bath, feed and then rocking. Except now my rocking leads her to trying to climb up me and pull off my glasses. So I did what I had done previously when I had things to do around the house and it was near bedtime. Usually she would still be awake and I would rock her for a bit before she went to sleep, well that era might be over. After fighting with her a bit I decided to lay her down and leave the room. She was asleep in 10 minutes. I know it seems like a great thing and it is, but I miss our cuddles, especially after being away all day taking an exam. (Oh yeah, on the school front, I had an exam today. It was a tax course and I was pleasantly surprised by how it went. I hope the pleasantness will continue once I get my grade.) Now I can see why women get baby fever, at least after the soreness, sleep deprivation, and fear of doing everything wrong wears off!