Monday, October 31, 2011


So we had a successful evening.  I...I mean Z got tons of great candy.  We strolled around the neighborhood for about an hour, saw tons of kids in fun costumes and endured a slightly chilly evening.  Z's hands were freezing cold when we got into the house (gloves on the list of winter must buys), but she didn't seem to mind and kept running around the house with her candy filled pumpkin.

(Costume pic as time only)

She was super quick to sleep tonight and I'll be following suit.  My day was actually very productive, trip to Target to get a fancy top for our date night on Saturday, found my license plates at the post office (just a day before they were meant to be returned to the dealer), and listened to most of my MPRE lecture and did some practice questions.  Sweet day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone a little batty!

I've decided to make Z's Halloween costume.  I'm semi-scrapping my original idea for a costume and moving toward something a bit easier to recognize.  So far, after about 3 hours of work, 1 of which was figuring out how to work the sewing machine I'm about 40% finished.  It actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm going to post pics once it's complete.  I don't want to give it away just yet, but it's super cute in my opinion.  I did the bulk of the work after Z had gone to sleep, while watching my Wednesday night shows and it was really kind of fun.  My mom made my two most memorable Halloween costumes for me, one year I was a jack in the box and another a giant sandwich complete with giant frilly tooth pick.  While she won't remember this, it's actually getting me to make something, start trying to figure out sewing and have a little fun.

I'm also making progress on my classes.  Still up to date with all reading in all but one class, started researching my papers and I'll start writing tomorrow.  I think I can finish the entire costume tonight after bedtime and I'll be super excited if I can.  My favorite part of the "fitting" was when Z woke up, so I picked her up before giving her her bottle and just put the costume down and wrapped it around her while she drank away to make sure it wasn't too big.  It wasn't, so YAY and I'm feeling really proud of my haven't sewed since 8th grade skills.

I have my paper topics chosen for all of my classes now.  Two are due in Jan and two are due in Dec.  I would like to finish all by Christmas, but it is a big weight off of my shoulders to know that I have some time and trust me, I won't be waiting until the last minute!  Tomorrow, I have my brother and sister's "character parade" to go to because apparently "Halloween" is a naughty word.  After that, I'm picking up my cousin and one of my other sisters 20 mins early from school to go see In Time with JT.  Woot Woot. Z will be in school, so I'm taking this chance to go to the movies and actually watch the entire movie before I head over to pick Z up from school.

Oh I also have the MPRE next week!  Yikes.  I'm not looking forward to it, especially since Liam is arriving the day before.  I'll get in some studying tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday.  An intensive 20 hours should be more than enough, I hope.  Oh and HALLOWEEN!!!! I'm so freaking excited.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The New 3L

This week has been amazing.  Since I started classes I was working and now there is no work!  I've had so much more time to play with Z when she isn't in school.  We've gone for walks, gone to the store, played in the house and taken naps.  It has been so nice.  

On the days she is in school I've been getting work done.  Not as much as I hoped because there is so much to do around the house.  I finally made the entrance into our room and non-fire hazard.  Gave us a bit more room to breathe, folded all of our clothes and actually put them away in drawers, and made it to the fabric store to get a few yards for Z's costume.  I haven't been getting as much done as I wanted, but that's also because I've been in the house.  I need to leave the house, I will leave the house next week and go to the local library.  This way I won't be tempted to goof off/eat/watch tv.  Liam is so close to getting here and we're looking forward to having this visit here because that means we're 1/3 of the way through this year!  Sooooo close.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleep Deprived

Being pregnant, having a 10 month old and passing the halfway point in a semester where I need to write 90 pages isn't really going that well.  I am so tired, I can't tell which part of it is pregnancy and what part of it is the fact that Z refuses to sleep through the night. I build the stupid crib and she'll sleep in it for her first sleep of the night from about 7:30-11:30 and then she's miss fussy.  If I just try to go over and rub her back and give her a bottle, she is fine until I lay down.  Once I do she pipes up again.  It's difficult since we're in the same room, maybe I should think about sleeping on one of the sofas in the rec room.  The other issue with letting her cry it out is that there are other people in the house.  She can't go sleeping bloody murder and keep everyone upstairs awake.

Now that work is over, at least I can sleep while she is at school.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Wednesday morning after drop off.  I also bought one of those Jillian Michaels workout dvds.  I've been so remiss in not working out since Z was born.  When I was pregnant with Z, I was working out 4 or 5 days a week and that kept me to a 15 lb weight gain throughout my whole pregnancy.  I miss working on the machines and really feeling physically challenged.  Post baby, I have gained about 25 lbs.  No excuse.  I will begin working out again.  Not crazy intense, but I definitely need to work on ab strength because I can already feel my back spazing out.  I'm determined to not gain much again, trust me, the baby has plenty to live off of if I don't pack on the pounds.  I will get back on the couch potato to 5k program and hopefully be able to get some energy back and have a sound nap after the  morning workouts.  I really wish one of these were taking place near me because this would definitely be motivation to get me moving!  Now this is my kind of run, one where you actually fear for your life!!

Once we're back home in Feb, Liam has arranged for us to take private kettle bell lessons.  She works specifically with pregnant women, so I'm really looking forward to the challenge.  I'm so excited to have this time to myself to finally get work done, exercise and SLEEP!!!!

Z's loving school, as usual, and the activities they are doing with them really makes me happy she's there.  It costs an arm and a leg, so I guess it better be good, but they are doing tons of painting, reading, imaginative play and getting her to eat a lot more than she does with me.  She also gets the play with the big kids for an hour or so each day because she's the only one walking in her current class.  She likes to help the teachers by bringing toys to the little babies and also chase around the kids that are still crawling.  They are also finally getting her to wear her shoes!

(Not these, but aren't they adorable? I can't wait until we take these outside with a snow suit!!)

Paper topics are coming fast and furiously now.  I have three of them, I just need to meet with my profs to discuss how I will go about the research and writing of the papers.  I'm finally starting to get into the semester...halfway in.  My two exams will take place in mid-Dec and I don't think they will be too much to worry about.  Paper topics, begin researching an outlining this week and start writing next week!  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One more day of work!

Wooohoooo, I'm so happy to have one more day left.  Z goes to school, I can get in my hours, take a nap and get ready for all that next week has in store for me.  I'm kicking into high gear.  While most of my papers have been pushed to Jan, I really want to finish in Dec.  I only have 2 exams, but 4 papers and one practicum assignment.  I haven't really started on any of this, but starting Oct. 18th, it's on!

Classes are going...

One class is moving at a snails pace, we're still on week one's readings.  The rest of my classes are fine, nothing special, nothing particularly interesting for my career plan, but all definitely getting me toward that graduation goal.  18 weeks until I'm finished with classes,   30 weeks of pregnancy and something like 41 weeks until the bar exam.  As it gets closer and closer to finishing I'm looking back and starting to think, "How the hell did we do this?"

Liam gets here in a little over 3 weeks and it's so close I don't even want to think about it...oh and the MPRE!  Haha, still have that coming up.  The first weekend he's here things are going to be a bit crazy.  MPRE, Z's 1st Mock Birthday party (since Liam won't be here for the actual birthday), dinner and a concert with Liam and then a trip to Sesame Place with my family (maybe).  We also have to squeeze in a trip to the city and then up to Connecticut to see Liam's side of the family.  It's going to be a lot, a lot, a lot, which is why I want so much completed before he arrives.

Z has now started to try and run (sometimes successful and other times not), she's also carrying things while walking, like cans of about a splash zone.  We haven't had any mishaps yet, but I'm looking for it.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Officially Quitting

So I'm officially quitting my job this week.  I liked the people, but it is just too much work.  As I'm getting further into the semester and realizing that just reading for classes isn't going to cut it, something had to give and since Z is pretty much a must keep, along with sleep and eating, this one had to go.  I feel so much more at ease now.  I can finally start thinking about what presentation to do for my negotiations class.  It can be on anything in life, no requirement that is be educational, or on any topic in particular, just no boring.  It seems that for the class this is a lot more challenging than the professor thought it would be.

On the kid front, it's like Z is trying to skin herself pretty much everyday.  She is a constant scratcher.  If you take the clothes off of her, it's usually about .05 secs before she's trying to scratch the sking off of her back.  Take off the diaper and her butt gets it.  I've tried tons of lotions, no lotions, and cutting her nails as low as I feel comfortable, pretty much anything I can think of, but she's still scratching away and looking like she was in a fight with a cat.  Any ideas? I don't want her school thinking I'm staging underground baby vs. kitten cage matches.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Already getting ready for Halloween

So this will be my first Halloween as a mom!  I'm super excited that I get to be excited, go trick or treating and eat lots of candy and it's totally sanctioned.  I don't have to pretend I'm just chaperoning my siblings and am surprised when offered a piece of candy.  I'm going to have Z out there working it and of course I have to eat all of her candy because she's too little to eat it.  I'm a bit confused about costumes.  Z is walking, but all of the costumes in her size at the stores are made for non-walking babies.  I might just have to buy a few pieces and make her own costume.  I'm thinking Boo from Monsters, Inc.

I absolutely love this time of year in the US.  It is seriously my favorite.  I love it when it starts getting colder, everyone decorating their homes and the food.  Ohhhhh the food.  The countdown to Liam getting here is getting closer and closer!  I'm excited to see him and he'll get to come to my next OB visit.  I can't wait for him to come because we're actually going to have a proper date night.  We're going to go out to a nice fancy restaurant.  I'll get my hair done, dress up, wear make up (gasp!) and we'll head into the city for  our meal and a concert.  Amos Lee is a great singer and we listened to some of his music our first real date.  Liam thought I said Aimlessly, not Amos Lee.  We still have those types of communication errors to this day.

Going out on that date is going to be really nice, while there won't be any drinking (Boo), I'll have a nice Shirley Temple and enjoy the time away from Z with my hubby.  Things are just so hectic now and I think I'm just piling things on for the sake of piling them on.  My part time job is going to go bye bye in the next week or so.  I pretty much make enough to put Z in daycare, but can't get anything else done in the meantime.  I'll keep her in school because she seriously freaking loves it. It will give me a chance to get my school work done, take much needed naps and help my grandmother around the house more often.  I took out a little extra in loans above tuition, which I don't usually do to help with the car and other basic needs. That extra money coupled with my "allowance" from Liam will mean that we'll be fine over here.  I mean I'll have to stop putting caviar on my cereal in the morning, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  The light at the end of this ridiculous law school tunnel is getting closer and closer and I can taste it at this point.  And at the end of that is another tunnel and at the end of that one there is a baby!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ta Da!

So in addition to all of the previously mentioned craziness I've also got another little delightful bit making things hectic.  This is Boo.  I think BFF is has also named her peanut Boo, so I might have to change that for confusions sake.  That little bubble at the top is the yolk sac which is getting smaller.  Under next to that is the head and those 4 little dots are arms and legs.  I'm due in May with Baby No. 2.  I'll miss graduation, but I'm not all that sad about that.  And I'm certainly glad I had to foresight to finish the semester early.  This will give me time to study for the bar from Feb-May intensively while Z is in school and then just keep up and refresh my memory after the baby is born.  So that's my big news!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Things have been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks.  Between finally getting my car, trying to sort out health insurance for Z, going to classes, actually reading for class and squeezing in 20 hours of work I have only really had about 1hr of time to myself and that is generally at about 10pm.  Now that I have the car it will make things a whole lot easier, so things should quiet down a little.

Z is absolutely loving school.  She's walking all over the place (at 10 months) which no one ever believes.  They said she was just doing laps around the room today.  She has an little buddy, Mia, who is too small to even roll over, but laughs hysterically whenever Z looks in her direction.  It really is hilarious to see this little girl so completely and totally giddy to see/play with Z.  When I leave her she's off running and playing without even a backward glance.  I'm so glad she loves it and is having fun.

As for school, I only have a few more days of classes left this semester, but still a boat load of work to do.  Beginning this weekend I can finally start writing and make some real progress.  I still can't believe there are only 5 more months left until this crazy journey is over.  The countdown to Liam getting here is going strong.  It's less than a month until he's here and I really can't wait.  I'm sad he'll miss Z's first Halloween, but I plan on making up for it by buying a bunch of clearance Halloween costumes and we can all go for a family photo session.