Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 Train Hours = 2 Class Hours


I really wish I could get credit for all of the time I'm on the train.  Total travel time for my 2 hour class is 6 hours.  At least it's on the nice train and there is wifi, otherwise it would be pretty dire.  The benefit is that I can take Z to school and pick her up without any major changes to our schedule.  She gets dropped off an hour early and picked up about 45 minutes later than non-school days for me.  From how long it took her to sit down and start eating yogurt at the table with her other little school friend, I don't think she was all that concerned about being there a little bit early.  As far as the late pick up, it'll be before 5 or at 5, so there will definitely be a lot of other kids there because their parents have real jobs.

Class was interesting...I think half of the people are going to drop it.  The class is fine, but helmed by a first timer and the session was a bit all over the place.  I think that a lot of people still have choices they can make as far as which classes to take, so they're going to try and find something different.  It's an international law course and I've taken a bunch before and have some past experience, so I think it will be pretty easy to keep up with the discussions without doing all of the reading, which is voluminous!  After this weekend I'll be almost halfway finished the semester and sooooo happy about it.


2 suitcases packed, 2 to go and not a pending Amazon order in sight.  We're trying to contemplate just how much familiar stuff we can bring with us for Z.  There is this plastic Fisher Price booster seat from, maybe when I was a baby, that I'm thinking about bringing.  She loves that seat, sits on it to color and write on any paper she can get her hands on, she stands on it while doing balancing exercises apparently and will just plop down and move it around where ever she likes.  I'm hoping we can find an approximation for home, if not I might just bring it.  As it is, we're going to have a suitcase probably at least half filled with her favorite toys.  All of her blankets (3) can come, so that will help.  I know I'm the one making a big fuss about her adjusting and she'll be just fine, but I feel like the change is going to be fairly drastic and minimizing the shock is making me feel less guilty about leaving the whole family behind.  I'll certainly never take for granted the benefit of having a large family living so close again.  Knowing that Z can just go wander around the house and there will always be someone to keep an eye on her has really helped her with her independence and freedom of movement.

We've just had gates put up on our stairs at home and to the pantry.  We're also thinking about putting carpeting down on the steps.  We have concrete steps covered in tile.  Talk about no give!  Plus they aren't standard US/Western spacing, so they take a little getting used to.  As for the pantry, that's where all of the cleaning supplies and booze is kept.  No one wants a great cider flood.  In addition to these little changes, we're realized just how non-toddler friendly our life was.  We don't own any non-glass/ceramic plates/cups/bowls other than mixing bowls.  So now I've headed to Target to pick up a few cute ones and a few for Z.  We also have electronic wires running all over the place.  Liam had the tv mounted to the wall a while ago.  It's not going anywhere, drilled into the concrete, bracket in place, good to go.  Now wireless speakers and other things like that are looking even better.  We'll see if the budget allows for it.    


Still forget I'm pregnant at times, except for when I get a big kick/heartburn.  I'm sure I'll become much more aware once all of the craziness had died down.  I have to schedule a glucose test at some point, I've completely forgotten when my next appointment is and need to look that up.  I'm definitely bigger this time around, but that's to be expected.  When I get home I'll actually be able to start working out again, yay heated pool, gym in the compound, plus kettle bell training.  Only 15 weeks until the peanut arrives!  

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