Monday, January 16, 2012

Buying more baby stuff

I've been checking the classifieds like a mad woman, literally at least 20 times a day looking for the best deal on a new double stroller, crib, etc for the house.  We missed a great double stroller about a month ago and since then "NEVER AGAIN" has been my battle cry.  Since so many people are always moving in and out it makes it a great time to find good deals.  Liam is heading across town to look at a crib/mattress/linens for $130.  A great deal if it's a nice crib, we shall see.

My paper is coming along swimmingly.  I have hit my word minimum and still have a few more things to add in, so I've taken the time out for a quick blog post.  This will give me about 2 hours to finish all of that up, leave it for lunch, read it and proof it again and then turn it in.  BAM!  I'll be talking to one of the professors of a potential class to explain my crazy situation and hope he's cool with me missing a little class.  I sure hope so or else I'll be taking a short summer class and graduating in October/December, I don't even know how the school does it off track.

Z is at school and enjoying herself I'm sure.  When I dropped her off they were listening to MLKs "I Have a Dream" speech.  Man, I am really really going to miss this school.  It really is amazing all of the things that they do with the kids.  I mean it costs enough, so I guess they should be doing this much, but it still amazes me.  I've kept all of her crazy detailed daily profiles, so that I can get ideas of what to do when we're home together.  And also buy all of the books that they read in class.  Book fair starts next week! I always freaking loved the book fairs at my school.  It was like kid crack for me and I could never get as many books as I wanted.  To this day, somewhere in my mom's garage I would say I probably have over 200 books from my middle school to teen years.  E-readers have been such a saving grace for me, so now I don't have to try and decide between which of my 4 favorite re-reads I'm going to bring with me where ever I'm going.  Blog break over, back to the paper! 

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  1. Used baby stuff is totally the way to go! Good luck on finishing your paper!