Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crunch time

Apparently everyone wants to come and spend time with me and Z now that the less than 3 week countdown has begun.  The issue I have with that is that things are super crazy for the next 3 weeks as far as school goes.  I only got about 500 words done today and I was shooting for 1500.  My dad was here for 4 hours and Z only took a 45 min nap during the day.  I swear they are all conspiring against me.  The paper isn't really that difficult to write, bullying is a pretty hot topic, it's just getting all of my source info together is taking quite a bit of time.  Not to mention the fact that I'm supposed to be serving as an alumni interviewer for my undergrad.  Sorry ladies, you're going to have to wait until after Monday.

Boo is kicking up a storm, so much so that you can actually see it from the outside now.  I almost forgot how reassuring it is, it also helps me when I'm about to go crazy insane because of my heartburn.  While I am so happy we're adding another little one to our gang, I'm also glad that we're going to hold off for a couple more years before we add anymore.  Nearly 2.5 solid years of pregnancy or breastfeeding is enough to make me a little crazy.  And after we're all done, there will be redundancies put in place to make sure no surprises happen down the line.

And I really want a MARGARITA!!!!! I have been craving one pretty much since I took the pregnancy test.  I only had one while I was between pregnancies and that was because I had to spend one night in the city by myself.  I have no qualms with a glass of cider or wine with a meal once I'm out of the first trimester, but hard liquor is a line I won't cross and I really really really want to cross it.  At this point I might ask them to wheel in the margarita maker into my room after delivery.  The deliriousness is setting in...only 2800 more words to go...


  1. Good luck with getting it all done!

    I also craved margaritas when I was pregnant. Drinking a Cherry Limeade from Sonic helped a little.

  2. I'm the same with hard alcohol. I'll drink a glass of beer or wine but I just can't do the hard alcohol at all. It just seems so much worse in my mind. And, geez, the alcohol content in a glass of beer is only 5%! that's much easier to justify. Hope you find the time and motivation to finish your paper soon!