Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hell Week is Over

My crammed week of 45 hours of class is over.  It was not all that fun, but not too terrible.  The classes have now gotten me 1/3 of the way through the semester and I'm so happy.  I'll have three 12 page papers to complete over the next 2 months, one of which is a group project, so that's totally do-able.  My classes were an interesting mix of law for one packed week (securities fraud, can law firms keep up their current pro bono models and the international petroleum industry).  They were all interesting in their own way and I actually learned a bit.  I'll look forward to learning more about the petro-chemical stuff in the working world, since I don't have much time for it while in school.

The countdown to the big move is almost in the 20s and my Amazon buying is hitting a frantic pace.  So much to buy, so little space in the suitcases.  Actually I've only filled one completely, so that's 3 more HUGE suitcases to go, plus 4 carry ons.  I think that's why I'm getting a bit more willy nilly with my purchases.  I would estimate that our clothes and the toys we have already will fill up one of those.  Packing purchases as they arrive is definitely the way to go.

The other school development is that they have decided to cancel one of my classes.  My class that only left for 6 sessions in Feb and all before I left.  The class that was the complete and total reason we were able to fly out when we were.  So now the scramble is on for another class to fill the slot where the prof won't mind me missing one or two classes after we've flown out.  I met with a dean to discuss this matter and their advice was "can't you just change your flight and stay for an extra month"...not really possible.  I mean sure, I guess it would be, if we changed our flights out, forfeiting the miles we used and paying about $1700 for a one way ticket for each of us, plus living expenses/childcare for another month away from home and of course adding on another month to not seeing Liam.  Totally do-able if you just look at it that way.  


  1. And to think I was stressed about moving across the river! I can't imagine handling a move like yours -- and with law school. GOOD LUCK! If anyone can do it, you can! :)

  2. Thanks! Sometimes it's those cross town moves that can get the better of you though because I think we all underestimate them because they are so close!! Good luck with those books.