Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleep Hazard

Mine is falling asleep in my clothes when I lay down to put Z to sleep.  I woke up at 3am and realized I was wearing the clothes I had on all day.  While I would normally change out of the clothes and into my PJs when calling asleep fully clothed at this point, I'm thinking I'll just keep them on, take Z to school and change after the school run.  How lazy is that!?

Classes are going well.  My only weekly class, Transitional Justice, actually goes by fairly quickly because everyone just ends up talking and I can bring up the academic value of Hunger Games whenever possible.  I really think it would be a great case simulation for how to transition from a dictatorship to a democracy and how the new government would need to create a retributive/reconciliatory path to rebuilding.  I think it would be a great paper topic! 

I have my last HUGE paper due Monday.  It isn't finished, but it will be.  After that I only have four 12-15 pagers left between me and the end of the semester and they are all nicely spaced out from mid-Feb - April.  I'm looking forward to Tuesday.  Other than the long drives to school for my weekend classes the travel there and back haven't been so bad.  I can get all of my reading done for class on the train, chat with Liam on skype and chill knowing Z is having a super super fun time at school.

One of the things Z loves to eat most is corn on the cob.  Everyone at her school loves to watch her eat it because for some reason no one else gives their 14 month olds corn on the cob.  I don't even know how you would feed a kid that young corn not on the cob because they don't really have enough teeth to properly chew it!  She loves corn on the cob and everyone at school smiles at how much of a little person she is as she turns it over to find some new pristine corn.  She is getting more into the loving school flow and it generally takes me 15 to 20 min to get her out of there because she wants to show me everything she has done, have me read a book or color with her for a bit.  She's going to go back to her old school once we're back with Liam.  He visited the school, got the program schedule, found out about the curriculum and we both think she'll really like it there.  Our one sticking point is that they don't have a designated nap time.  They have story time/quiet time, but I don't think Z will go to sleep if there are other kids in the same room doing other things.  They do naps according to whatever the parents say and whenever they say, but her current school has a more set schedule.  Right now she's at a 2 hour nap at school, if she doesn't nap at all throughout the day she is cranky!  We might be able to compromise and have her go into the infant room for a nap in their cribs or have them find a quiet space for her nap mat away from everyone else.

It's a little over 3 weeks until we're home!!!!  We're trying to get a family portrait done with my side of the family before we leave.  It's going to be a miracle if we get it done.  With over 20 people for this thing and including all of my grandmom's grandchildren and all of the aunts and uncles, it's going to take a lot to get everyone in one place at one time for this pic.  I hope we get it done before we go though, my grandmom will be really happy!

On Pregnancy: My days of not remembering I'm pregnant are over because the hips are starting to go.  They just need to keep it together for the next 3 weeks to make travel easier, but it's starting to become a huge pain and rolling over normally is becoming a chore.  Only 14 weeks to go until Boo arrives!    


  1. hahaha you call your baby Boo too!!!

    1. Haha yeah I noticed that as well. I guess there are only so many non-gender specific bump names out there, Boo, peanut, etc.