Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Kicked Some Ear Infection Butt

Z had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago.  I felt terrible because I didn't even know it!  She's one of those babies where you can never tell that she's sick.  She might want more hugs and cuddles, but she'll still play, laugh and run around.  If we hadn't had a doctor's visit scheduled anyway, I don't even know if I would have known until it was really bad.  That seriously scares me for the future.  So today we went back for our 2 week recheck and she's good to go.  She was running up and down the exam table enjoying all of the loud paper.  Liam got to meet our pediatrician, who was actually my pediatrician growing up.  It costs quite a bit at times because we're going to her without insurance, but the comfort I feel is worth it.

My paper writing is still on the go.  I have 2 more to do over the next three weeks.  They are built on previous work, so I'm not too stressed.  Classes begin again next week and I'm ready to go.  That first week is a bit crazy because I'm doing all of these compressed courses in order to leave early, so we're going to be staying in the city and my grandmother will be watching Z for me.  I'm a bit sad about Z missing almost a full week of school, which we will be paying for, but leaving her to 4 days just wouldn't be cool with me.  There will be lots to do and I'll get to see them for a few hours everyday, so that won't be so bad.  I'm also excited to start things up again because the quicker we begin the quicker we're home!

Z has made the transition to the toddlers room at school and is totally taking it in stride.  She even waved bye bye to us when we dropped her off yesterday.  I usually sneak out, but she was like, see you guys later I'm playing with the big kids.  Her teacher in that room is really great and Z LOVES her.  I'm going to be really sad to have her leave that school.  It costs a pretty penny, but hearing about all that she does everyday and how much she's learning with them has definitely made it worth it.  I'll be hard pressed to find a school that provides the same level of care once we're back home.

On the baby front, aside for our scare a week or so ago things have been great.  I'm showing a bit more than I did with Z, which still means a big burrito lunch and have heartburn like a mofo.  Other than those two things, I still forget that I'm pregnant from time to time.  We can't wait to meet him/her, but there is certainly enough going on where we're too busy to get bogged down in the babycenter nitty gritty like we did before.

46 days until we're HOME!!!!

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