Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woohoo Doctor's Office

I had an appointment this morning and spoke to the billing folks and it seems that the whole billing fiasco isn't going to land squarely on our lap.  Yay for not having to pay $2000 for a screw up completely not of my own making!  The billing woman said that the company was just going to write the whole thing off, which would be amazing.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime I'm freaking out about all of the things I want to buy on Amazon.  Preparing for the permanent move has made my Amazon cart a crazy huge list of little bits that are slowing reaching astronomical proportions.  I'm going to have to make some serious choices, but I feel like a lot of it is essential.  I have tons of things in there for after delivery (ie sitz bath, peri bottles, witch hazel, etc) and those while not expensive are adding up.  Then I have the little things for Z, like musical type things (bells, tambourines, etc) for play groups I'll be hosting, and then random baking stuff like vanilla extract, which you can't get over there.  I'm also trying to stock up on double baby stuff.  I'm thinking of the SkipHop Duo Double diaper bag.  Had anyone used that?  It looks huge, but I think it would be a great carry on when flying with both kids later on and out and about.  Back to writing, which I'm actually finding enjoyable.  Go figure.  


  1. Won't the hospital provide you with all those post-delivery things? Both times, I was sent home with everything you mentioned, plus disposable underwear, pads, diapers, formula samples, a little hat and a couple of those kimono-style onesies, some stripey blankets...

    Are you going to give birth in the US, or will you have already moved?

  2. We will have moved already. When I had my daughter over there the last time we left with some pads and that was about it. They don't even provide clothes for the babies. While the care is excellent, they don't get all of the free schwag from companies like they do in the US. So this time I'm going to be more prepared and have it all ahead of time. I certainly wished I got those hospital bags though!