Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Car Wreck and Stomach Bug

That pretty much sums up my last few days, but all is good now.  I totaled my car while driving to school by skidding on black ice.  After seeing the car, everyone was pretty shocked I got out of the car unscathed.  Between the airbags and the seatbelt I might as well have been on a roller coaster ride.  I had no pain after or the day after, which everyone kept telling me to get ready for.  A very nice man stopped and waited with me until the the State Trooper arrived.  Since I don't look pregnant and was still a little dazed, but unharmed no one asked about an ambulance and I didn't suggest.  I did call my OB and they said to go to the OB ER and be seen there.  All of the doctors and nurses were shocked at how calm I was about the whole thing.  Since I felt Boo moving and didn't feel injured I guess I was a lot more calm than I might have been otherwise.

They kept me for monitoring for 6 hours and I didn't have any contractions and the heartbeat of Boo was good and strong.  I was definitely glad for my phone because it kept Liam from going off the deep end.  I called him about 10 min before my accident and he had to finish up a meeting, so he called me when I was in the trooper car and was obviously distraught by the whole thing.  Once he was able to video chat with my in the hospital and hear the heartbeat he was a lot happier and less concerned.  I did have to get my computer screen replaced again (had to do it in Dec), which isn't covered by AppleCare.  Grrrrr, I could have bought a new computer between both of those replacements! All in all after seeing the car and how things could have gone there couldn't have been a better outcome considering...

As for the stomach bug, I guess the fates decided that since I got out of the accident unscathed I was due for some kind of pain.  Let's just say that I'm glad there were so many people in the house to keep Z away from me because it wasn't a pretty picture.  So I got a few extensions on things until my smashed up computer was fixed and my stomach bug has passed.  The administration was really great about me missing class and changing deadlines, so I'm just glad there haven't been any real setbacks.

Packing was at a standstill and now that I don't have a car getting around it a little bit more difficult, but at least there are only a few days left.  I'm just worried now that one of those set backs is going to keep us from leaving and it is filling me with fear about our trip, which is only getting more and more complicated when I think of all of the things I need to bring with us!  Nap mat, pillow pet, 3 carry ons, stroller and a carseat!  WTF am I thinking.  I guess I'm thinking, surround Z with as much familiar stuff as possible, so she doesn't freak out, but really it's about making me feel less bad about taking her from a place (the house and school) she's gotten used to over the past 6 months and really grown.  I know she'll be just fine and love the house (so much room, so many little things just for her), but I'm still having slight anxiety.  If only teleportation were a thing!      


  1. Whoever invented airbags and seatbelts must be praised. It’s a good thing that you were driving safely and that your baby helped you calm down. I applaud you for not panicking and thought of going to the doctor right away. Stay safe, Izzie!

    Nannie Leick

  2. A car accident while you’re pregnant? I’m amazed that you remained calm throughout the ordeal, both for your sake and your baby’s. Worse things could have happened if the airbag and seatbelt were not on. You’re lucky, indeed! Be safe!

    - Guadalupe Puthoff