Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Check and Check!

I finally tracked down my suitcases and then realized I had already bought another carry on previously, so that's taken care of.  The next 4 days will suck starting tomorrow, but then once it's over I'm on easy street, just trying to pack everything.  I've been buying up all of the markers, crayons, and stickers I can find.  Liam saw a set of Crayola washable markers at the store yesterday...for $24!!!! WTF?! I just bought a huge pack for about $5.  It's definitely worth it to buy it here and bring it over.  I'm also trying to get at least a months supply of Z's favorite snacks, yogurt melts, granola bars, fruit strips etc, so we'll have a lot of time to find things that she likes once we're home.  I have also been buying boxes of Thin Mints like it's my job.  Liam has been warned not to touch them.  When we were only dating for about 2 months, he finished the last few cookies that were sitting in the freezer in my apartment.  When I asked him about them he said he ate them, but "meh, didn't think they were very good."  I almost slammed his head in the open freezer door, THIN MINTS!!!!! Are you kidding me?! So the warning has gone out, don't touch under threat of bodily harm.

My paper writing is going at a good clip.  I'm actually on track to not freak out like a crazy crazy person when they are all due.  None are over 12 pages, which just seems so much shorter to me than I ever thought it could.  Progress is awesome!

Boo is moving a lot more, which is fun, especially when I can see my stomach jumping during classes or while writing.  I forgot how much I liked this feeling!  It's so reassuring and fun.  My hips aren't going downhill as fast as I thought they would, which is great because I was dreading the pain.  I know a lot of pregnant women get cravings while pregnant and I guess I haven't really been that out of the ordinary with sudden pangs of MUST EAT THIS NOW, but it hasn't been anything crazy.  My general cravings are for things salty, like pickles or potato chips or calcium heavy things, generally milk, ice cream or milkshakes.  And I don't eat the salty with the milky.  I'm not a ice cream lover outside of pregnancy.  I mean I'll have a sundae every now and then, but I'm always the one asking, "do you have a smaller size?" or "can I have a kid cone?"  While pregnant I have been able to down an entire large milkshake.  I'm really sad about the state that this second pregnancy has left my teeth in.  I've never had a cavity, but I can just tell by looking at them that my teeth are seriously depleted.  They look almost translucent at times, totally scaring me.  This is why any and all cravings I have for milk are immediately satisfied.  My body is trying to compensate, at least that's what I tell myself while slurping down another milkshake on the train.

I took Z to the doctor yesterday preemptively to ensure that we're not flying with an ear infection.  Her ability to not show any sign of illness has totally freaked me out.  She was sticking her fingers in her ears, so I wanted to make sure we had time to catch anything and get her the antibiotics in time.  We went, she doesn't have an ear infection and we're able to fly without worry and I also got her records for the last 6 months.  Yay!     


  1. Double pregnancy?
    I totally relate to your Thin Mint story. "Yeah, I finished your favorite cookies, but don't worry, they weren't very good." WHAT. Hopefully now that you are married he is well-trained.

  2. By double pregnancy, I meant having two pregnancies close together, not that I'm having twins! I'll be sure to change that. :)