Monday, February 6, 2012

Hitting the Two Week Mark

We're off in two weeks.  Three of the big bags are packed and I still have to find another one!  I've driven all around town, so it looks like there is a little bit more driving required.  Z is enjoying her time with the family over the weekend while I have a non-fun filled time driving and in class.  At least after this the big push comes next weekend with 4 days of travel into the city and then that's it!

I got to my uncle's house about 20 min after the Superbowl kick off after driving back from class.  Z was still awake and fared really well all the way until the end.  I think having a house filled with new kids was really exciting for her.  She only started to have a meltdown after the game when we were leaving.  And she was asleep in the 8 minute drive from his house to our house.  She didn't even wake up when I changed her diaper and changed her into her PJs.  Talk about passed out!

It was nice to see the family and my aunt's side as well.  They are always such great cooks, well I guess as caters it's kind of their thing.  There were brownies, 3 types of chicken wings, rice and beans, potato salad and tons of other goodies.  The only thing I wish we had were nachos or some kind of dip other than salsa.  I was in a serious calorie craving mode.  It seems I'll just have to solve that problem today!

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