Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kickass Day!

Today we went to a family fun day at a local beach resort sponsored by a women's group I participate in.  The place had a bunch of pools, a beach, lots of room and sun loungers, a bouncy obstacle course for the event and then food.  We had a lot of fun and FIL had a great time playing with Z in the water.  The pool was a little cool, but Liam braved it to go in with Z.  Her teeth were chattering, but she was pissed when we tried to take her out.  She did not want to give up her pool time, this is even after a slip in the baby pool, which ended with her under the water and sputtering with a huge smile on her face.  This kid loves the water and we need to get her into swimming lessons ASAP before she throws herself into a large body of water. 

Z was kicking some serious butt on the blow up obstacle course.  She was one of the youngest kids there, but she was keeping up and really surprised us by climbing a 4 foot inflatable ladder on her own and then heading down the slide every which was she could.  It wasn't all sunshine though when both Liam and I experienced our first scolding a kid we didn't know moment.  This kid walked all the way across the bouncy area to Z and just grabbed her by the face and pushed her down.  That kid, who was old enough to know better, was just lucky that pregnant me couldn't get in that bounce house and pull him out to find his mother.  We finally moved on and came back later after his weirdly targeted aggressive behavior didn't seem to be waning.  Later on we came back and had fun again until a girl who had to be at least 5 decided that she would push Z off of the ladder she was climbing.  This time Liam spoke up and her parents seemed to be nowhere to be found.  This was our first run in with wanting to trip someone else's kid and calling them a name in our heads that shouldn't be said in polite company. 

In addition to all of the fun in the sun that we enjoyed there was also a raffle.  Now I pretty much never pay attention to these because I don't ever win anything.  The prizes were a massage, free photo session and prints from a photographer, and a free round-trip flight anywhere the sponsoring airline flies.  I freaking WON the round-trip flight!!! I was shocked when they called my name and probably looked totally ungrateful because I just kind of walked up, held out my hand and went back to our loungers.  This is HUGE for us!  We can have my grandmom come out for free for Boo's birth, which is saving us about $1600.  Talk about a good $70 investment for our tickets to the event.  I only wish my luck had rubbed off on those Mega Millions tickets my family bought, but hey you can't win it all.  I'm taking this as a seriously good sign and will get writing tomorrow, while Z is at school and FIL watches the golf.  Must keep up this good day momentum as long as possible!!