Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Day of Class

Tomorrow I will be attending my last day of class.  I still can't believe that this almost 3 year journey will be ending.  I'll still have 4 papers due (2 with less than 3 pages left), but no more class time!  My whirlwind trip back to the US for class is nice, but I would much rather be at home.  Z has an ear infection and a bad cold, but from how she's running around and playing you would never know it.  It almost freaks me out that she acts so normal when she's sick.  It's so hard to tell if it's something serious or just the sniffles or a cough.  But little Miss Sicky is still good at passing on those germs as Liam and I have learned.  We are both battling through sore throats, coughs and runny noses, but at least I get to do it on my own.  Liam is taking a sick day today and taking Z to school to get some rest.  I don't blame him at all, especially after their fun filled weekend of garage sale hunting, meeting our new Aussie neighbors, finally petting our other neighbor's dog and wearing some hilarious St. Paddy's Day getups.

I leave for home on Tuesday and arrive on Wednesday night, just in time for Liam to fly out about 2 hours after I land.  So we will be in the airport together, but won't get to see one another for another 5 days.  Our friends down the street with the most amazing maid/nanny, Amy, will be babysitting for those couple of hours.  I'm sure Z will be really disappointed when I show up to relieve her.  Z literally cries every time Amy leaves the house after babysitting for the night (if she's still awake).  And whenever we see Amy in the compound, Z just takes of running and gives her a huge hug and doesn't want to leave her side.  We're almost hoping our friends leave the country, so we could hire her.  As it is she's our go to babysitter for date night and Amy and her husband come over to clean once a week.  They are awesome!

I can't believe I'm 33 weeks.  Less than 2 months from baby time!  How the hell did that happen?!  The incentives to getting my work finished are increasing with each passing day.  Boo is a totally crazy mover most of the time, which is nice, but it will be weird adjusting to all of those movements being on the outside.  I remember missing the movement once Z was born.  We're a little worried about how Z will react to the new baby, but hoping that keeping her routine together will make it easier.  We're also trying to see about having my mom and grandmother come over again.  Things are certainly a lot more relaxed this time around.  Perhaps I should be a bit more keyed up, I'm sure intense nesting and baking will start soon!  


  1. How old is Z? I remember my sister had her 3-year old daughter introduced to her baby brother when he was still in her tummy. She patiently answered Carolina's questions and told her stories of how wonderful it would be to have a baby brother. When Lucas was born, Carolina never left his side. They are a beautiful sight.

    1. Z will only be 17 months when Boo arrives. We try to tell her I have a baby in my belly, etc, but she's not really buying it.